Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Danish Devil!

I have had such a good week so far this week, thought a lot about what I want to achieve and where im going with this journey. The one thing I have to work on is my addiction to food, thats what it is "A Addiction". There are 2 types of people that are overweight I think-
1) The people that dont eat a lot but what they eat is bad, resulting in weight gain
2) The other people are generally are addicted to food, think about it day and night and are always planning there next meal!
The latter is clearly ME! This is my personality though I PLAN ALL THE TIME and am an obsessive person. Whereas this can be a postive thing in some people it can generally work against me aswell.
How have I come this far? I have always said from the start "No matter how long this takes I will see it through", and yet I find myself eating things that I shouldnt.

Today we have a open day in work with caterers, pastries for breakfast and a hot buffet lunch.
I estimate that I have eaten approx 12 points in Danish Pastries :(. Anyway tonight I will dust off the Davina Mcall DVD and battle it out! I have to loose weight this week I promised a 2lb loss.

Im off to get some water!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Well, well, well...

Its a new dawn its a new day -
Had a nice 2.5 GAIN on saturday, not a good example thats for sure. Had a lovely few hours with the girls including lunch and a pedicure. Then had a nice weekend with my family, I told Mike over the weekend if we won the lottery the first thing I would do is "buy" back my "motherhood" as when I went back to work when Lily-Rose was 6mths old I lost it as my time is now spent in work work work. If we wont the lottery I could drop hours to be home with her more being a "mother".
Anyway we went shopping as a family and have bought lots of heathly, filling foods for the week. Here is todays menu..
B:- Porriage (2) skimmed milk (1)
S:- 2 satsumas (0.5)
L:- Soup (1.5) yog (1.5) apple (0.5)
S:- Caramel snack a jack (1)
T:- Chicken (2.5) Salad (0) Jacket (3) LF Mayo (1) SF Jelly (0)
= 14.5/21

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chinese buffet - you know its a disater waiting to happen!

Completely got off on the wrong foot today.... Chocolate muffin when I arrived at work - wait for it..... did the WW sin of eating THEN pointing = 7 points down the swanny!

So then ate 2 pieces of WW toast with marmite and ww choc biscuit!

So at 10.55am I eaten a total of 11 points!! :( leaving me a measly 10 points for tonights chinese.

I cannot wait to WI this saturday and gain closure on this week, I find that the best method for me when im having what I like to call a "dodgy" week!

So I will plan plan plan and I vow to loose 2lb next week!

I know I can do it!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

First day of many

Well this is really late in the day to start a blog isnt it? But I thought better late than never hey?
Well thanks for taking the time out to visit me and hopefully you will help me complete my journey!
Well little bit about me to start things off...
I started WW Oct07 not after my wedding - wrong way around I know!

Anyway I weighed in at 16 stone 13.5lb which carried a BMI of 41 for my 5ft 3" frame.

Up until now I have lost 52.5lb following the "points plan" but more recently the Discover plan.

Well thats it for now - ill dive straight in next with day to day blog!

Thanks again x