Tuesday, 24 November 2009


First of all im sorry for the gap, I hope you are all well!

Well well well where shall I start? Ive been busy promoting my mobile beauty therapy business aswell as my new venture spray tanning!

Its very early days but ive found out im pregnant too!! We are over the moon!! So lots going on here - sadly have ended my WW membership but dont worry ill be back this time next year to start again!

Im not going to leave my blog ill still check in with updates!

Thanks for all your support guys & girls I really have appreciated it!

Take care xxx

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

One thing ive noticed

Is that when im tracking correctly which means im concentrating on EVERYTHING that passes my lips I find it difficult to use all my points allowence. Do you notice this? yet when im having a really bad time (as ive done so recently) I dont give it second thought what I eat it just goes in - I enjoy it for a minute - and just like that the minute passes and the points have tallied up and exceeded.
This week as ive tracked and counted every last morsal, im watching each point wisely and saving points each day. Im not planning to let them go unused though as if you do this for a long while - yes you may loose weight but it will catch up with you when you SHOULD be dropping points.
So how are you doing this week? Any new discoveries? We tried Tuna Pasta bake for the first time this week in our house... very nice! I calculated it at 4.5 points per portion and very yummy too!
I know its only Wednesday but im already looking/planning next weeks evening family meals to plan my weekly shop for the weekend.
Debbies my leader has kindly texted me and sent me a letter this week to keep me on track - its nice to have support from your leader. Im actually looking forward to WI this week - its exciting! I have 9 more until Xmas and would love a drop a stone, even a 1/2 stone would be nice!
What would you like to drop by Xmas?

Monday, 26 October 2009


First of all I want to saw a HUGE thank you to those of you who read my blog and leave lovely messgages. It really means a lot that you take time out to see what ive got to say, I appreciate it I really do. Well after Saturdays WI- I am officialy 2 stone heavier than i was this time last year - but the way I look at it unless I sort myself out now ill be back to where I started this time next year.
So over the week ive gone back to basics -
1) Planning my meals
2) Wearing my pedometer
3) Drinking my water
4) Tracking
I have spent some time thinking about WHY I joined back in OCT 2007.... my daughter LILY-ROSE. She is reason I wanted to loose weight to start with, I wanted her to have a healthy mum who could look after her an be around throughout her life. Then I came up with a idea that I thought would help me along in weak moments (lets be honest it isnt smooth sailing!), I researched lots of inspirational quotes and wrote them down on small pieces of paper. I will carry those around with me and read them when nesscessersary.

Here is a poem/passage that I found -

Don't Quit -
When you've eaten too much and you can't write it down,
And you feel like the biggest failure in town.
When you want to give up just because you gave in,
and forget all about being healthy and thin.
So What! You went over your points a bit,
It's your next move that counts...So don't you quit!
It's a moment of truth, it's an attitude change.
It's learning the skills to get back in your range.
It's telling yourself, 'You've done great up till now.
You can take on this challenge and beat it somehow.'
It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal.
You're still gonna make it, just stay in control.
To stumble and fall is not a disgrace,
If you summon the will to get back in the race.
But, often the struggler's, when loosing their grip,
Just throw in the towel and continue to slip.
And learn too late when the damage is done,
that the race wasn't over...they still could have won.
Lifestyle change can be awkward and slow,
but facing each challenge will help you grow.
Success is failure turned inside out,
the silver tint in a cloud of doubt.
When you're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit,
If you bite it, you write it....But don't you quit!
Author Unknown"

I really liked it! Here are a few more -

You may delay but time will not...

You must think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be...

You body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down....

If you always do what you always did - you'll always get what you always got...

Nothing tastes as good as THIN feels...

My life tomorrow will be a result of my attitudes and the choices I make today...

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage the shorter the trip....

A year from now, you may have wished you started today...

Gluttony is an emtional escape , a sign something is eating US...

Dont sacrifice your future for a momentary pleasure...

Sorry there are soo many but I couldnt choose which ones to post..

Take care fellow WW'ers...

Friday, 23 October 2009

Those days are gone :(

Friends & family used to tell me that I looked really well having lost nearly 4.5 stone and how much younger it made me look. Well those days are well and truly over - approx 2 stone heavier the weight is creeping on big time and quickly too. Now my clothes are too small and I can feel myself expanding all over.
Rather than having plenty of NSV daily, I had quite the opposite today -
1) Lily told me I had a big fat belly, which was a big as my friend Katies (Kate has just given birth to TWINS!!!!)
2) Then I was messing around dancing and mike told me my belly was talking! Because the rolls were flapping like a mouth!
So a great day overall and WI tomorrow. The problem I know what I need to do but I cant hold it together very long. Things are still pretty tense at home, and im comfort eating BIG TIME.
I read somewhere this week that "Obese mothers are 10 times more likely to have overweight children" - thats NOT what I want for Lily-Rose (the opposite in fact - she was the reason I joined).
Its so easy to slip back to old ways - I havent been to the gym in weeks, Im not tracking 100%, i havent weighed food in weeks, I havent worn my pedometer, these are all keys facts in loosing weight.
Ill weigh in tomorrow and go from there- im off to write my weekly menu now..
Have a good weekend xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Unlock the Feel Full Formula

A well known mag printed a interesting article this week which I had to pass on...
WW are always pushing the hungar signals arent they and ways to recognise them? Well this magazine are saying you can beat those hungar pangs the scientific way - by controling the commuication between your brain and stomach, as hormones that travel between your brain and stomach are out of balance. Scientific discoveries can help you regain that balance just follow the these feel full secrets.

1) The hungar busting breakfast - When our stomach is almost empty, it realises the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin. Scientists have discovered that overweight people have increased levels of ghrelin, giving them a higher normal appetite. However diets high in slow burning carbohydrates such as oatmeal reduces this hungar hormone. Porridge oats, oat cakes with cottage cheese, oat so simple, swiss style museli, natural yogurt with berries and oats.

2) How to tell your brain your're full - When fat cells are full they release a substance called Leptin, which lets the brain know that there is enough stored fat. The brain responds by curbing appetite and initiating a sense of fullness. Overweight people often suffer from leptin resistance but it was recently discovered that Vitamin D, found in oily fish and sunflower seeds can help awaken the brains response to leptin. Tuna nicoise, sardines o wholemeal toast, steamed salmon, kipper kedgeree, smoked mackerel pate on rye bread with salad.

3) Calming Calcium - The brain uses a tiny hormone-like substance called Agouti-related peptide (AgRP) to stimulate appetite and decrease motabolism. Increasing your calcium levels helps to reverse the weight gaining effect of AgRP activity reducing appetite and improving metabolism, so you'll eat less and burn more. To up your calcium intake eat green vegetables, low fat dairy products, nuts and seeds. Baked potato with lf cottage cheese & salad, Vegetable & cashew nut stir fry with buckwheat noodles, chick pea thai curry with brown rice, roast chicken with steamed cabbage,broccoli,green beans.

Some interesting points there - whats your thoughts?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

You've won the Lovely Blog Award

Congratulations to you all - I managed to wade through all your amazing blogs to pick 15...

1) http://shrinking-thinking.blogspot.com/

2) http://twinklestrek.blogspot.com/

3) http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com/

4) http://acakeforawife.blogspot.com/

5) http://alittlelessofalice.blogspot.com/

6) http://aguilleg.blogspot.com/

7) http://kerrysoton.blogspot.com/

8) http://www.priorfatgirl.com/

9) http://www.bryherhill.com/

10) http://shaz-chewingthefat.blogspot.com/

11) http://fat-free-me.blogspot.com/

12) http://veganlovelies.blogspot.com/

13) http://losingalittlebitofme.blogspot.com/

14) http://enigmanda.blogspot.com/

15) http://jackfit.blogspot.com/

Well done everyone you truly deserve it!! Now the rules are post it on your blog along with a link of the person that has sent it to you. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you follow along with a message to each of them to let them know that they have won!

Good luck xx

O' Was Occuring??

Long time no blog eh? Im really really sorry in fact ive been having withdrawal symptoms!
Where shall I start? Well for a while now my emotions having been all over the shop as well as my diet and to be honest ive been buring my head in the sand hoping it will all go away. Anyway last week it all became too much so I have spoken with my HR dept in work to reduce my work hours slightly. I need to be home more, as with the commute to work im out for 11 hrs a day and missing my daughter going to nursery and my husband. Something had to give - so im now in the process of applying for "flexi hours". As well as that as ive been rundown ive had a sore throat, mouth ulcers and now a water infection!! So im now on antibiotics to clear it up.
Ive been really stressed with life in general so after my week of hell last week as well as a all mightly gain AGAIN im "on the wagon". But I really am fed up of falling off so can someone strap me on - please?
Ive been good this week and feeling like I am getting there slowly, although internet is still very itermidant so trying to catch up when I can on your blogs. I miss reading your daily diaries!
I know I still havent passed on the "lovely blog award" I havent forgotton I will get there I promise.
A week or so back my leader gave us all a handout in class for 1 point snacks, now I have seen this before on the site so ill post the link its very helpful -
This is great for when you have had a tough weekend or a meal out and wanting to save points?
After my WI last week I was talking to another WW who told me about the soups she has made that week and it got me thinking... so this week I have whipped up a Leek & Potato and a BNS & red pepper - they were great and filling too!! I will def be trying some more next week especially when the weather turns colder!
For breakfast this week I have had a lot of porridge which is firm fav of mine and again sooo filling! Thats where I have been going wrong - filling foods are the way forward! Having a major sweet tooth I need sugar so have been snacking on grapes - yummy!
So how are you all doing?
Hopefully if the internet is STILL working in the morning then ill read some more of your blogs! :) take care everyone xxx

Monday, 21 September 2009

Sun is still shining

Hi all, Hope you are all well! We are still having problems with connection at home so yes im still very much hating Virgin Media!
Anyway I managed to skive off WI not that im happy about it as I find it very difficult without weighing at any class. I think this is my first week in near 2 years where I have missed a class (except hols) and not weighed somewhere else? So as you can imagine knowing I wasnt weighing in I wasnt on best behaviour - I wont thank myself for it on Saturday!
So im back to basics today ready for this weeks WI on Saturday and very much hoping for a STS (cheeky I know)!
I'm really hoping that my internet get sorted soon as im missing out on sooo much blogging - reading and writing :(
Hope you are well - any gossip??
Take Care Becky xxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Are men just as weight obsessed as women?

In todays society I do think men are just as body concious as us women. When I look at my husband Mike, he works out regularly, watches his diet and is very aware of his well being. In comparison to my dads era who are much more laid back and traditional. It isnt a suprise to see men at a diet club class such as WW, whereas a few years back men would associate a diet club as a "women thing".

I dont believe that there is a man out there who doesnt want to loose weight - they are always saying about there "beer belly", how they wish to loose it. It is so much more acceptable nowadays for men to diet - look how many mens health magazines there are available?

What do you think?

Friday, 11 September 2009

Ive won a award - Thanks Karon!

Wow am I chuffed! The lovely karon awarded me the "Lovely Blog Award", Im really pleased as I love you guys supporting me! Ill be passing this on soon...

There was a slight discrepancy this week at WI, the scales were free so I hopped and saw that they hit 13st 12lb - the leader started to walk over to me with another so I hopped off and weighed on the scales with the clerk. They read 13st 12.5lb so a 0.5lb difference? we agreed on the 13st 12.5lb with a 2lb loss as I thought that 0.5lb may come in handy this week.
So thankfully the 14's are behind me well and truly for good - no more!
This week in class we went back to basics with the plan... tracking, filling foods and using the tools provided. Debbie asked when was the last time you picked up and actually read the information in our folders? When was the last time I read my folder? about a week ago if im honest as I was looking for a soup recipe. Someone in the class piped up "Well you wouldnt buy a bestseller and not read it would you?" which is so true!! When was the last time you read your folder?
Ive been to the gym tonight and have got serious shaky arms - go bingo wings go!!

Big Butt Becky!

If there was ever a unflattering angle I sure found it! Starbucks ever so kindly put a full length mirror NEXT to the toilet in its coffee shop in Cwmbran. So I sat down for a wee and there I was...all gross and huge sat on teh toilet! I tell you judging on the size of my butt I could have covered 2 toilets!

Why on earth would they put a FULL LENGTH mirror next to the toilet, for you to watch yourself have a wee or a poo??

realising my true size sat on the tilet I had to have a closer look at my bottom half when I stood up. ive always been what you would call "Pear Shape" BUT omg I am like a BELL!!!

Ive noticed since I started to loose weight how it is dropping off from my head downwards. Sometimes i look at myself in photographs and think "If I didnt know me i would guess I was 4 stone overweight"? im saying i look skinny in photos but they can be decieving? I do think by loosing weight it has seriously effected my bottom half even more than when I was bigger as the skin is saggier and looking more unnatural - if that makes sense?

Well at the sight of me that day I thought my body was doomed... then WW graciously put a article in this months WW magazine about excercising for your body shape. I kinda thought that once I would loose weight I would change shape? Hourglass would be nice! If only!

So even though I follow a all round toning programme at the gym I will have a little dabble on these me thinks!

How has your body shape changed since you have lost weight?

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Im feeling great!

I have truly enjoyed eating this week it goes to show - You fuel your body like a machine and it will run like a machine! I have tried 2 new recipes this week, the first was a WW Paella recipe at 5 points a pop and the second was the Chicken Calzone 6.5 points a portion both were great!!

This week I have done a little soul searching about my weight loss, as you know its been getting me down that im not at goal or even close to it. BUT there is a BUT I have lost 40lbs which is a great achievement and that is what I need to keep telling myself.
I am NOT wearing a SIZE 24 I am wearing a SIZe 16
I DO to the gym and follow a program (which I wouldnt have dreamt of before)
I CAN on the sofa with my legs up
I CAN kneel on the floor
I CAN cross my legs
I CAN lay in the bath comfortably
I CAN walk alongside my hubbie without bashing my bum into him with every stride!

So yes Im feeling great this week - hope you are too!!

Sorry for scarse posts the internet is still up and down at home xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Woman with a plan!

Well I weighed.... 4.5lbs on! I said it would be a big un'! Was it worth the upset & frustration? Uh NO! So my new weight is 14st 0.5lb, I hit another stone bracket boo hoo!

Yesterday after WI I went food shopping to pick up this weeks grocery's,(mike couldnt) after planning my menu. I then had a full sort out of my wardrobe of things that fit and dont fit. Everything thats too small has been bagged up ready for when I can fit into it again! It was getting me down each morning rooting through to find something that was comfortable to sit in all day at work! A new tool that I have tried today is tracking on the WW site, its great!

I have been back tracking through Bitchcakes blog- its great! Like reading a book or therapy! Im sure Sheryl wont mind the name drop you can find her fantastic blog here -http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com/ . Over the last 72 hrs ive been reading through avidly, one thing that is mentioned is "Listening to you body's hunger signals". I know this is talked about in our manuals and mentioned at classes but "Do we really LISTEN to our bodies hunger signals?" I know I dont always. I plan each meal and snack (when im being a good girl!), then I eat them in the correct order Breakfast/Snack/Lunch/Snack/Tea/Snack... Why? ROUTINE! I can run my body like a clock... Even when im eating my evening meal, I can feel myself getting fuller but cannot bring myself to stop - WHY? Because the food tastes so good I begrudge leaving any! I need to control this maybe by reducing my portion size? One other great thing mentioned on Bitchcakes blog is eating for "Nutrition" not for pleasure. This is a very good point as I for one choose food by what I "fancy" not what my body needs... do you do the same?

Im back at the gym this week, I still havent got stuck into my program at the gym that Issac gave me. So another challenge for me this week.... :)

Friday, 4 September 2009

Dont wanna be THIS person....

Thanks so much for the support after yesterday's depressing post I really appreciate the support and its so great that people read my blog. I read a lot of blogs but dont always comment, so its nice to know people are out there when you need support so thanks again. (flowers for you)

I spoke with Mike (hubbie) last night about my feelings towards WW/baby planning etc, he got me thinking to be honest...
He's told me to stop thinking about "when I got to 12st 8lb, I was "this" and now Im 13st 10lb...", he said "Think how FAR you have come, dont look back look forward", "if you quit now think HOW much heavier you will be by Xmas, instead really you could be that much lighter!".

I DO really want to be that much lighter/healthier by Xmas before we try for baby no2 - I DONT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON I am now.... Heavier/un healthy/too big for my clothes/sluggish/bloated.. I could go on. We all know how many more negatives there are to being overweight compared to a person with a healthy weight. Why on earth would anyone want to be overweight hey?

I need a plan - PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLANS DONT FAIL right?
You know when you started WW.. what changes did you make?
1) I changed my milk from semi skimmed to skimmed
2) I didnt make sandwiches out of EVERY meal
3) I bought WW bread
4) I stopped eating/snacking on cheese
5) I drank gallons of water
6) I planned every meal and snack
7) I tracked every morsal
8) I found it easier to refuse food from others
I could go on.... in fact we make a life style change dont we? But slowly over a period of 2 years these have creeped back in slowly, maybe not as bad but they're there....

So I think I have identified of my main issues... I DO THE FOOD SHOPPING therefore you would think that I would be in control of what my household eats?? Well obviously not... Im one of those sad ppl (sorry if this is you) who LOVE food shopping! trauling around for hours looking at everything, honestly it takes me hours unless ive got Lily-Rose with me!
Im going to ask Mike to take care of this from now on to see if this makes a difference as he is very rigid at the supermarket in and out - such a chore to him!
Well WI tomorrow... well see.... 4lb gain?? ill let you know *PLEASE LET WW GODS BE KIND*

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Oh boy am I stumped! I dont want to bore you with the details as it bores me...
Im feeling really down this week about my weight etc having had the bad weekend its rolled on to the week... I tried not too but it did.
So now Im expecting another almighty gain this Saturday (as I dont do things by half) and I know it'll knock me right down again...
So the decision im hit with - we want to try for another baby after Xmas (16WI to go!) so I know I wont get to goal this time round having another 3.5stone to go!
Do I quit now and save myself the WW money (17.95 a month) or continue to go? Is my heart in it?
Am I just feeling like this, this week or will I feel better next week? I really am rambling as Im all over the shop!
Internet is down at home AGAIN!! :( So im rushing this at work?
Opionions or advice please......

Sunday, 30 August 2009

2.5lb down!

Well chuffed to report 2.5lbs down :) really pleased with that, the difficult bit is keeping it up this week! We stayed at a hote last night for our wedding anniversary, lets just say it involved LOTS of food!
- 7 course evening meal
- 3 course breakfast this morning
plus what ive eaten today :( Anyway on the positive side, its behind me not going to dwell - tomorrows a new start! My Tesco order is coming the morning and ive planned my food for the week. Ive posted some random piccies which are the latest ive taken....

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beware of the devils CANDY!

A can of "full fat" cola or lemonade can contain as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar in the form of glucose-frcose syrup. A pot of low-fat fruit-flavoured yoghurt can conceal 10 teaspoons of the fructose-based sweetner.

It makes you wonder on all these "low fat" items what they are putting in the ingrediants to conceal what they are taking out?

Nowadays I dont really pay any attention to whats ACTUALLY in the ingrediants as WW has "brainwashed" me into checking the saturated fat contents. POINT POINT POINT!

You might be surprised to learn all these foods contain glucose-frutose syrup;-
WW vanilla and fruit fromage frais
Petits Filous Frubes
Kelloggs cornflakes, all bran
Ribena blackcurrent drink
Ocean spray cranberry classic juice drink

Anyway enough of the lecture :) I keep forgetting to tell you that on the weekend we went to Longleat as you know and OMG it was great! I cant wait to go back! Its great, as the attractions that we missed out you can go back FOC!

Happy WW guys! x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do overweight parents breed overweight children?

Hope I dont open a can of worms here... This week I read a interesting story in a magazine about a parent who's child is 10yrs old and being offered a Gastric Bypass.

She explains that this wasnt always the case and that a small baby was very overweight so he had to have a high caloried diet in order to gain weight. She went on to say that as he got older he would cry for food and say how hungry he was all the time. By time this child was 8yrs old he weighed more than 9st and suffered with numerous ailments. Worse by the time had reached his 10th birthday he was going to school in a wheelchair, weighing in at 13st 11lbs .

His mother also says "In 4 generations of my family we have 19 people who are clinically obese, Williams vast problems were also genetic".

This is the factor that question - Is obesity a genetic disorder? I didnt think so?

So I googled this mother to see what I could find out about her and as it turns out both this boy's parents have had weight loss surgery.

Children's development comes purely from parents and other surrounding influences - having suffering with a weight problem myself I will do everything in my power to stop my daughter becoming overweight. I didnt have overweight parents, in fact both my mother and sister suffered eating disorders so how do you explain that?

It is purely down to lifestyle choice? You choose what you eat and You choose what you feed you family. Feed your children junk - and this is all they will know.

You can read the full article here - http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/07/29/boy-who-was-14st-at-10-years-old-youngest-to-ever-have-weight-loss-operation-115875-21554743/ .

Hope I havent offended anyone with this post, I just felt that this mother was making an excuse as to why her 10yr old son resulted in something as severe as a Gastric Bypass.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Recognising the Signals?

Why do we find it so easily recognise the signals when we want to loose weight?
We see the signals clearly when our clothes are too tight, we are uncomfortable, unfit and out of breath, lathergic, our skin is spotty or dull...
Yet why do we with all the above signals continue to eat? Is it a addiction to the taste or texture? What? Why when I want to loose weight do I continue to put things into my mouth for the sake of a few minutes pleasure cos thats all it is? A few minutes of enjoyment but yet weeks of hard strive to get the gained weight back off.

The last few days I have been challenged with lots of random food to pick at (and not point of course), and it has dawned on me that yes they taste amazing and I can turn a blind eye to pointed it but who am I kidding? Yesterday my hubbie and daughter were eating the large scrummy cookies that you buy at the supermarket - I guess 4 points each?? I was offered a bite but for what for?? A wasted point that I could spend on something more substantional? i declined! Go me!! This is my new way of thinking! Unless I can enjoy - I mean truly enjoy it- there is no point!
Which takes us back to the WW way of thinking... Eating for the sake of it?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Funny old week

Well Sunday & Monday were great, Tuesday was iffy and today was Lily-Rose 3rd birthday so lets leave it at that...

Ill lay my cards on the table today I have consumed...
B:- Small bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes with skimmed milk (2.5)
S;- M&S LF sausage sandwich (5.5)
L:- Pub lunch cornbeef pie, chips and beans (???) guess
S;- Slither of birthday cake (??) Yorkie snack bar (??3?)
T:- 2 crumpets with choc spread (4) monster munch (2.5)
= 17.5 plus pub lunch :(
This week im having a early WI too as I cant make Saturdays class so ill be weighing in tomorrow night. So tomorrow's result is anyones I guess..?

Food aside we have had a lovely day she has had such a lovely birthday, and it isnt over yet!

Our internet finally got connected today so im typing this up at home - yey!! Its so exciting for me as we have never had the internet we'll be fighting over it before you know it!

I have got such a busy food week this week - dont you just hate it when it all happens at once? Anyone with a weight problem who is trying to combat it will feel my pain! Obviously today has been a disaster (my own fault), tomorrow and Friday I am out for dinner at friends houses. Then Saturday we are out for a friends birthday - all lovely events but hard going!!
But these events will always be there and we need to just see them as a hurdle that we need to overcome...
PS:- Look at the size of this mother!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Double Whammy!

Well well Saturday came.... hopped on the scales at class hoping, wishing, praying for the WW gods to be good to me (as I always do) and im told 1lb off! Yey! Hopped back off and dashed out as I had my daughters 3rd birthday party!
Yesterday I was having a wander around Tesco and spotted a almighty BARGAIN which I just had to purchase -

I saw this book in W H Smiths a while back and couldnt bear to part with £10 for it, so when I saw it for 3 quid I couldn contain my excitement! I ran to the till to pay (earning activity points along the way!)
I havent had chance to get started on it yet but at a quick flick its def worth £3! They had a whole range of other books too but all at full price.
My excitment doesnt end there- last night I was looking through my WI card and noticed that I had actually lost 2.5lbs!!!! OMG was I chuffed! She hadnt taken in to account my result from last week (I weighed at a diff location)

While looking through my WI card last night I calculated that with a loss of 1lb (hopefully this week) I will have lost 20% of my body weight!!! I will be weighing in Thursday night this week as we are all off to Longleat on Saturday for Lily-Rose birthday so plenty of activity points me thinks!
We went for a nice long walk yesterday at St Fagans which was really enjoyable. Im trying to keep it a ritual that every Sunday morning we go for a family walk - I managed to rack up some points too!

Menu today

B:- Museli with skimmed milk (4)

S:- apple (0.5)

L:- Subway turkey and ham, lots of salad,lf mayo and NO CHEESE (4.5) WW tortilla (1)SF jelly (0)

S:- Satsuma (0.5)

T:- Smoked Haddock (2.5) Roasted veg (0) Sweetcorn (1) Sweet Pot (2)

2 litres of water and 1 hour at the gym


Friday, 14 August 2009

Dont try this at home!

Frozen Muller yogurt? Yuk! I ate my tea which consisted of fish, steamed veggie and roasted sweet potato (which was divine by the way) and needed something sweet... now I read somewhere on the WW site a "great tip" - Freeze your yogurt to make frozen yogurt..
Ok not hard I thought just pop a yogurt in the freezer.. allow to freeze... take out when frozen...

So I eat my tea... grab my yogurt and a spoon sit my big butt down with hubbie to watch 24 and "TRY" to eat my frozen yogurt! It was like hitting a brick wall, no spoon was getting in there!
So I left it to slight defrost for 10 mins and it was like chipping away at ice! Even tasted like ice! So not a good idea.....
Lucky I had WW choc slices at home so polished off one of them! 1.5 points!
Wasnt a good day thinking about it, god damn internet still isnt working at home! Virgin tell me another 5 working days!

On a brighter note its WI tomorrow and Lily-Rose birthday party! woop woop!
Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tough Talking

Someone who tried to lose weigh without sucess may be saying to themselves: "Its no use. Im destined to be overweight forever". These thoughts prevent you from losing weight. We should say "It may not be a walk in the park, but I can do it. I am worth it".
How many times have we nearly thrown in the towel, after a food binge, heavy night out, a STS week? POSITIVE THINKING is the way forward! Most of all be honest with yourself.I only one regret from my weight loss journey so far and that is measuring myself. Ok I know how many dress sizes ive dropped but I dont actually know how many inches ive lost?
So measure before you regret it :)
So last night hubbie made the Roasted Vegetable Canneloni recipe from the WW Italian cook book which was absolutely scrummy! For just 3 points aswell! We added salad and ASDA G4U garlic bread for 2.5 points and we were away! If you want the recipe just let me know...
We had a visitor last night just outside the front door, he was such a cutie!

I want one...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Sorry for my lack of blogging this week..... I kinda had writers block??
Anyway back to business, having a great week so far, ok ok it is only Tuesday after all and we all know that sooo much can change. I really liked this picture as this is me! I read the books, go to class do all the right things yet somehow think it is ok to eat rubbish some weeks and hope for a FREE PASS from the WW gods!

Who else does this?

Not this week though im trying really hard, I went to the gym again yesterday and sweated it out for another hour. Then came home to a lovely tea of fish, salad, coleslaw and homemade wedges all for 6 points!

I feel really heavy this week TOTM and all so pouring water in me like there is no tomorrow! Really hoping for a loss or at least a STS? My belly is sooo huge and heavy!

Here are some piccies of the weekend, we went to Roath Park on the boats. I should have rowed - worked those bingo wings! I also got some lovely piccies of the butterflies in the garden.

Menu today:
B:- Museli with skimmed milk (4)
S:- WW bar (1.5)
L:- Small jacket (2) coleslaw (1) salad (0) Muller (1.5)
S:- Cherries (1.5)
T:- Chicken Bhuna (not pointed yet)

Friday, 7 August 2009

Trouble ahead

Im out with the girlies tonight! We are going a new restaurant in Cardiff Bay http://www.cosmo-restaurant.com/cosmo/cardiff.html Dangerous ground I can tell you! Its not often that we get together so it will be full of fun and laughter. Kate asked me what I was wearing (shes pregnant with twins at the mo!) and my response was simply "something expandable"! Naughty I know!

My sweet tooth is rearing its ugly head today - its all I can think about so god hold the chocolate fountain tonight.

I saw a thread yesterday about inspirational blogs and this was mentioned...
http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com/ please take a look this lady is a legend! I cant wait to get the internet at home so I can read through from scratch!
Have a great weekend everyone out in the sunshine and remember if you cant be good be CAREFUL!
We dont all want to feel regretful on Monday! Lets do it!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Weighed in early as I mentioned yesterday and gave a 1.5lb Gain so NOT what I was expecting! Now I have been told that excercise could assist in this, but this soon????

Or could it be the food? I dont know?? Ill keep on track this week and see what happens at next weeks WI.

I texted my leader Deb to update her and she says just stick with it! I sure will! I vowed NO MORE GAINS!

I found a interesting article online about holiday gains which may apply to some of us this time of year (well especially me and THAT 8lb GAIN that I am still sporting around the middle region). Its called - "Even slight holiday weight gain can set stage for obesity, health risks"
Very useful I thought?

Speak soon peeps x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fruit Kebabs

Hi all,
Thought I would post quickly about another new discovery of mine and my sweet tooth!

I had my cousin over last night for a natter and some supper (spag bol), only I didnt have a dessert at hand so I whipped up some fruit kebabs. They consisted of kiwi, satsuma,pineapple and grapes oh and not forgeting strawberries. I made us up 2 each and drizzled them with chocolate - THEY WERE TO DIE FOR!

Im going to WI in tomorrow morning which is 2 days early for me so im not sure what to expect? Im just going with the moto "No more gains", STS is fine but def NO GAINS!
Our bodies are funny things though as I waiting for the excercise to catch up and stop me loosing and TOTM is due? But hey ho we'll know in the morning.
The reason for this is that im going out with the girlies on Friday night and a meal out the night before WI always shows a gain for me?! Dont know why this happens so im gonna weigh in early!
Tonights evening meal is Smoked cod loin, corn on the cob, baby pots, veg (6)?? Ill calculate it when I get home.

Have a great eve everyone peace out xxx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ive lost the weight of a human brain!

I did! This week I lost 3lb, taking my to 13st 9lb! I was soo chuffed I feel like im in control again and the gym is helping too!

Me and Mike went together yesterday after I manged to finish work at 2.30pm I rushed him grabbed my stuff and off we went. It was great training together as Mike gave me lots of helpful advice and spirred me on. It wont happen regularly though as usually one of us is home with Lily.

My baby is in Butlins this week with my mum, so we are decorating her bedroom and hopefully earning me some activity points! he he! She only went yesterday and im missing her sooo much!

I keep forgeting to mention the new Rich chocolate dessert that WW have recently launched! I have only found them in Tesco so far but at just 1 point a pot they are a delicious! I think they are on offer at the mo?

Todays menu:-

B:- Porriage with skimmed milk (3) 1 toast (2)

S:- 2 satstuma (0.5)

L:- Soup (1.5) Cherries (1.5) Yog (1)

=9.5/21 leaving me lots of points for tonights Spag bol! YUMMY!

Friday, 31 July 2009

My gym canceled me :(

I called the gym to book my personal session for tonight, put the phone down excited but nervous... then they called me back to cancel as the trainer needs to run a class now instead. Never mind ill have to re-book.... but now im debating whether to go at all tonight? Shall I shan't I???

Food - On and off if im honest? I havent been naughty as such but towards the end of the week my choices have been great? I managed to get through the meal last night at Chiquitos, although we did share Nachos as the other couples ordered starters. I stuck with my paella and had NO dessert! Yeah NO dessert! Go me!

Tonight Mike has made a nice chunky chilli con carne with salad - which is a fav of mine! Ive had 10 points today out of 21 (but ive tried to stick to 18 this week to kick start things. This leaves me with 8 for tea which is plenty! Especially if I do go to the gym ill earn more! The pedometer is great I would truly recommend them again especially if like me you arent keen on excercise and sit at a desk all day long!

Within a week or so we should have internet access at home which will be great as I can join in the boards at night! Yey!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gym Bunny

Ive found excercise that I can enjoy! Yey! I braved the gym on Monday with Alison which is a first for me. For those that know me "I HATE EXCERCISE", but I actually really enjoyed it! Its quite unfair of me really to tarr excercise with the same brush as I hadnt found something I enjoyed. I think that one off spinning class was enough for me for a lifetime! But I think because I could go at my own pace and listen to my MP3 while watched Eastenders I didnt even notice I was excercising!
So I will be returning!
Food wise ive been good and trackered every morsal that has passed my lips. Im on a serious mission this week to shift some weight, my only concern is tomorrow night we are out with friends to Chiquitos..... according to the WW boards this place is the devils hideout eek! But ive found a points listing and im going to opt for the Paella which from memory I think is 13. Which "yes" this is high but ill have a low lunch and a light brekkie. At least we'll have a enjoyable evening without thinking that ive blown it for the week.

I made the Chicken Enchiladas recipe from last weeks booklet from class last night for me and Mike and was surprised by how nice it was! Although I made too much filling it was lovely and tasty for just 5.5points! I will make it again especially if im having friends over as you would never guess it was a WW recipe.

Tonight im having chicken breast (left from last night) with jacket potato with roasted veg! Yummy and very quick and low in points. Keeping with the excercise I may try and take on Davina tonight - not that I stand a chance SHE ALWAYS WINS! God damn DAVINA with her hot bod and none sweaty face!

Til later....

Monday, 27 July 2009


The title says it all.... thats how I felt when I hopped on the scales on Saturday. The clerk tells me a 4.5lb GAIN, I get off the scales as I cannot believe my eyes, then get back on hoping for a miracle!

She asks me "Was I expecting this gain?", I am dumbfounded or prehaps in denial? I shake my head holding the tears back, I tell her maybe a slight gain but not 4.5lbs! I take my card and tracker for the week and take my seat among all the happy people who have successfully followed the plan and have been treated with nice weight losses and wait for Deb to start the class.....

Where have things gone wrong.... I know how to do the plan and im confident that I could teach a class with nearly 2 yrs of solid experience behind me but im choosing to ignore my own advice. Its complacancy..... My gains are sooo much bigger these days, I cannot get away with going over points here and there and still have a nice loss on the weekend.

So by knowing my own mistakes why arent I rectifying them? Last week I found myself leafing through my wardrobe and looking for comfortable clothes as my work trousers are pinching on me :(

So I can choose to keep expanding afterall ive kept my size 24 jeans (as a memory) or loose weight - I know what I would rather be!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Shaky Shaky

Chocolate binge today - no reason - not emotional - not hungry - maybe just greedy?
So after what I thought was going to be a great week may infact turn out terrible, so what can I do at this point?
Tomorrow is our Pizza @ Work day so we are having 20 YES 20 pizzas delivered for all the staff to enjoy (my stupid idea!) - which will be a disaster (if I eat everything in sight!)
So at this stage here and now I think I will find a class to weigh tonight instead of Thursday? Then I can just start a new week?

Its got the stage where in the morning's im trying to pick something that is comfortable to wear as they are starting to pull. Its strange as when I was a lot bigger I dont remember noticing that they were getting tighter, but now im more aware?

Not a positive post im sorry maybe tomorrow.........

Monday, 20 July 2009

Another 1.5lb OFF!

Another 1.5lb OFF! How great it that?? I am over the moon! WOO HOO!!!

Saturday I went to Oxford on my "roadtrip", how eventful was that? Well long story short (I wont bore you with the details) we nipped in Tesco on the way to get some supplies and the damn woman wouldnt serve us for a bottle of wine even though 2 out of 3 of us produced ID showing we were 27 going on 28! What made it worst is that my friend who didnt have the ID wasnt purchasing alcohol as she is pregnant with twins! They eventually kicked us out of Tesco!

So on our way to ASDA we witnessed a car accident and acted as a witness.

Things settled down then we got the hotel went for a swim etc... on our way to dinner my pregnant friend asked if we could use the lift as she couldnt manage the stairs. We got stuck!
Anyway it was a lovely but naughty weekend food & drink wise so firmly back on the wagon with my NEW pedometer gripped to me! I love my new toy I cant bear to take it off! So menu today:-
B:-Museli with skimmed milk (4)
S:- Apple (0.5)
L:- 0 point soup with 2 bread (3)
S:- Count on us choc mousse (1.5)
T:- Smoked haddock (not weighed this yet) Roast veg (0) corn on cob (1)
= 10/21 allowing cod, pudding...... Trying to claw back points!

Fingers crossed this week for another 1lb and then I will have lost a small bale of hay!

"Hay" here I come!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Top of the World

You know some days you feel just damn right positive - well im having one of them today! I managed to stick to my 18 points yesterday so that has contributed vastly. Its because things are under control isnt it? You then relax and go with things rather than panic and great stressed?
Im getting back in to the rountine of after Lily going to bed getting organised for the next day, making lunch, ensuring we have the following nights tea ready, clothes are ironed etc.... but by the time I do this im shattered and its pretty much bed time! But thats being a mother I guess :)
So food food food - Do I think of anything else? No I LOVE the stuff! What do I love about it? The taste, texture, the feeling of being full? What do I dislike? The cals, sat fat, the bloated feeling of eating too much, gaining weight..... Neverending story I guess, thats why it needs controling.
I really hope that Deb has my pedometer in class on Saturday for me? Now ive got her mobile number ill text her tomorrow and she if shes has managed to get me one? If not ill drop by another class to get one I think?
Im off to Oxford on Saturday night with the girls to visit my best mate who runs the Barcelo hotel there which will be great fun! I love seeing my girlies! We've been best mates since primary school to nearly 25 yrs now! WOW! I volunteered to drive so that should stop the snacking while driving! Last time we went I was a passenger and I polished off 2 tubs of Rocky Road pieces!!!
Wont be doing that this weekend thats for sure! We are eating in the hotel on Saturday night so ill be careful but may have a few glasses of wine? Not too many though as im driving back the next morning!
Ill take some pics! You can see ive gained weight in them for sure since my sister's bday in May! :(
Anyway not for much longer I will get in the 12's again and STAY THERE!

Monday, 13 July 2009

3lb OFF!

Well im overjoyed! I dropped 3lb on Saturday morning WI from the 8lb I gained so really pleased!
They didnt have any pedometers in stock so Deb has ordered me one so fingers crossed this week! Everyone raves about them and I def need the motivation so lets go! Do you know WW customer service centre are useless! I mailed them last weeek to try and get in touch with Deb as her tel number wasnt on my card and do you think it was possible? NO! By the time you mail them and get the auto reply and then they reply and you reply... its neverending! Hey hopefully ill get it this week and cut the moaning! :)

Had a chat with a new lady member at class on Saturday as we were all talking about variety and this is something I lack. She mentioned that she eats a lot of fish and this is something I like but im not brave enough to take the time experimenting.
She suggested fresh tuna ovberbaked in a foil parcell with a squeeze of lemon, then when cooked serve with a dollop of mayo and sweet chillio mixed together, veggies and new pots! Sounds delish! I will give it a go!

I am now officially 1 stone and 1 lb over the lightest I have been since doing WW (12st 8lb) and have messed around good and proper recently.
So mini goals...- (15lb to loose) and I HATE to say this but 24wks til XMAS!!!! OMG
18th July - 1lb off
25th July - 2lb off
1st Aug - 1.5lb off
8th Aug - 2lb off
15th Aug - 1lb off
22nd Aug - STS
29th Aug - 1.5lb off

Happy Weight Watching! xxx

Thursday, 9 July 2009

8lbs = Weight of a human head

So not only does 8lb feel like ive gained the world in weight but to be precise its approxmatley the weight of a average human head!

I do the above list though as its a great movtivator to see the weight dropping off!

Sorry lads - Yesterday the almighty TOTM month came and OMG after taking that pill to stop it while I was on holiday it has made me feel 100 times worse than I would have normally! So I feel so sluggish and bloated def not a pretty site! Hopefully should help me with WI though on Saturday help to drop a few lbs??

Yesterday I managed to stay within my 18 points (kickstart) and gave myself a pat on the back, my aunt called round for a cuppa and talked all evening so it helped me stay out of the fridge! Yummy tea we had omalette, salad and jacket potato! After she left I prepper tonights tea which I have asked hubbie to make a spag bol and a chilli both will be bulked out with veggies and beans do reduce the amount of meat (points). At least then tea is ready for tonight and again helps with having a plan set in place for when I get home from work.

Didnt managed any excercise :( although ive tried in vain to get in touch with my leader this week to ensure she keeps a pedometer in stock for me!

At class on Monday I bought the Italian cook book which has some great recipes in - cant wait to try them out! Any recommendations?

Generally a quiet week overall with us coming home from hols, hubbie still poorly though!

Anyone been watching Big Bro? Not bowled over as much this year, maybe cos I dont have a clear fav yet??

I heard that Supersize V Superskinny has started back? I love that show!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Day 2 of being good

Well managed to behave yesterday and stay within my points and so far so good today :)

May even start to work on my "wings" tonight, after wearing a tankini all week I had a really good look at my body and I really havent been blessed with good skin. I know you only get out what you put in and in all honestly im not putting a lot in.

I cannot expect my body to loose 7.5 stone in weight and spring back! Wishfull thinking! I think even with surgery you would still need to excercise to tone up. Does anyone have any tips?

I really need a excercise buddy as I never instigate excercise, I need to be pushed!

What excercise do you enjoy?

Happy WW'ing everyone!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Holiday result!

Hi all,

First day back to normallity today :( Eventful thats for sure! A lovely holiday but hubbie picked up a bug towards the end which at this stage we think is food poisoning (still awaiting test results) and Lily came home with a back of a earring wedged in her ear canal so a trip to A&E was in order first thing!
So last night I was feeling the bloat so found a local class (I dont usually weigh until Saturday) and thought lets get this over with......... 8lb! So she says! Im in denial as I know I was a naughty girl but but not 8lbs worth of naughtiness!!! Thats the biggest gain I have EVER had in my life!
So armed with lots of good foods and a kickstart plan Im going to drop that 8lb!

Hope everyone is good! Speak soon x

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Oh no!

Attack of the chocolate this afternoon..... we had a bag of minitures sent to us at work with small crunchies, dairy milk - you get my point :) Anyway really good picked out the crunchie and pointed all 1.5 of it! Then this afternoon the devil took over and I consumed another 4 bars!!!!!

Pointed them up to 7.5 point on bloody chocolate! But Ive pointed it im digusted - MOVE ON!

Alison invited me jogging tonight and I really thought about declining.... I just cannot be bothered that the truth of it. But No I accepted and ill be sweating, huffing and puffing later on trying to claw back even more points! There is no excuse really ive had a very up and down week. The scales decide my fate on Saturday!

Nice short post tonight - hope you all ok!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

ooooh sweetie attack!

Had a sweet attack today in Wilkinsons.... managed to only select about 10 sweets ranging from mini gems to fried eggs - estimated 3.5points?? What do you think?

I really should be doing excercise this week but my TOTM is due and I feel absolutely gross! Although they say excercise is the best medicine - I just dont get it?? As i've lost weight my body shape isnt going down well, Im suffering on the skin front (well I think so) boobs drooping, belly hanging, arms flapping there is NOTHING toned about me!

I know ill get to goal and really wish I had excercised earlier on and by then it will be too late! How can I motivate myself to start toning? It sort of comes in fits and starts and I think Ive worked out how.... if someone instigates the excercise or asks me to join them I cant wait! But I cannot do it alone? Its something I really need to work on!

Monday, 22 June 2009

2lb OFF baby!

OMG how happy am I? On the way to class I was practicing my mantra in the car - "I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK", althought secretly hoping & wishing that I would.
Guess what I lost 2lb! I was soooooo chuffed and still am!
This week in class we talked about easing of the pedal a little bit with regards to trying to loose weight as some weeks we try that little bit too hard and dont get the result we want.
A perfect example - I always keep my tracker for the weeks I looose weight in order to refer back too. One week I had a 90% good week (I say 90% as the one day I ate a Starbucks Rocky Road for 11points! and therefore exceeded my points) and lost 2.5lb that week! Last week I thought I would get on the scales after what I would class a good week and only lost 0.5lb. Then this week I had that naughty day for the Take That concert and lost 2lb!
Our bodies do weird things dont they? I seem to be a week behind all the time?
So I am now 13st 3lb total loss 52.5lb! I would have loved to have gotten into the 12's before holiday (one more WI on Saturday) but hey hey we can only do our best. Mini goals are there to encourage you - not for you to beat yourself up over if you dont manage to achieve them.
I have also told myself that I will not overindulge on holiday to the extreme that I will have a HUGE gain that will take me weeks and weeks to get off.
So after a wobbly day yesterday (It was Fathers Day!) im back on track 100% would love another loss this week!
Todays menu:-
B:- Porriage (2) Skimmed Milk (1)
S:- Alpen bar (1)
L:- Wholemeal pitta (2) Turkey (1) LF mayo (0.5) Salad (0 including my homegrown lettuce!!) Velvet crunch crisps (1)
S:- Cherries (1)
9.5/21 so far.....
Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Fingers & Toes crossed

Im soooo hoping that the WW gods have been good to me this week - my only downfall was the Take That concert so it depends how much damage I could have done? Losing weight has become so hard the last few weeks only 0.5lb a week? Its taking 2 weeks to loose 1lb - what I need is someone to lend me there tracker for a week? It fell off to start with and now my body seems to have grown "used" to WW? I will see this through - I have too but I need to shake things up as what im doing obviously isnt enough.

I have tomorrow and next Saturday - my last 2 WI's before holiday and I really really really wanted to be back in the 12's but I just cannot get the weight off! My worst fear is that im going to come back with a huge gain and be nearly back in the 14's! Any tips for being on holiday?
Dont really need to do much food shopping over the weekend as I need to run things down but there is plenty in anyway -ill just nip to Aldi and stock up on fruit.
Mikes out tomorrow so nice quiet night for me - I think ill cut out the Saturday night takeaway tomorrow and see if that helps?
Have a great weekend everyone!