Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Oh no!

Attack of the chocolate this afternoon..... we had a bag of minitures sent to us at work with small crunchies, dairy milk - you get my point :) Anyway really good picked out the crunchie and pointed all 1.5 of it! Then this afternoon the devil took over and I consumed another 4 bars!!!!!

Pointed them up to 7.5 point on bloody chocolate! But Ive pointed it im digusted - MOVE ON!

Alison invited me jogging tonight and I really thought about declining.... I just cannot be bothered that the truth of it. But No I accepted and ill be sweating, huffing and puffing later on trying to claw back even more points! There is no excuse really ive had a very up and down week. The scales decide my fate on Saturday!

Nice short post tonight - hope you all ok!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

ooooh sweetie attack!

Had a sweet attack today in Wilkinsons.... managed to only select about 10 sweets ranging from mini gems to fried eggs - estimated 3.5points?? What do you think?

I really should be doing excercise this week but my TOTM is due and I feel absolutely gross! Although they say excercise is the best medicine - I just dont get it?? As i've lost weight my body shape isnt going down well, Im suffering on the skin front (well I think so) boobs drooping, belly hanging, arms flapping there is NOTHING toned about me!

I know ill get to goal and really wish I had excercised earlier on and by then it will be too late! How can I motivate myself to start toning? It sort of comes in fits and starts and I think Ive worked out how.... if someone instigates the excercise or asks me to join them I cant wait! But I cannot do it alone? Its something I really need to work on!

Monday, 22 June 2009

2lb OFF baby!

OMG how happy am I? On the way to class I was practicing my mantra in the car - "I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK", althought secretly hoping & wishing that I would.
Guess what I lost 2lb! I was soooooo chuffed and still am!
This week in class we talked about easing of the pedal a little bit with regards to trying to loose weight as some weeks we try that little bit too hard and dont get the result we want.
A perfect example - I always keep my tracker for the weeks I looose weight in order to refer back too. One week I had a 90% good week (I say 90% as the one day I ate a Starbucks Rocky Road for 11points! and therefore exceeded my points) and lost 2.5lb that week! Last week I thought I would get on the scales after what I would class a good week and only lost 0.5lb. Then this week I had that naughty day for the Take That concert and lost 2lb!
Our bodies do weird things dont they? I seem to be a week behind all the time?
So I am now 13st 3lb total loss 52.5lb! I would have loved to have gotten into the 12's before holiday (one more WI on Saturday) but hey hey we can only do our best. Mini goals are there to encourage you - not for you to beat yourself up over if you dont manage to achieve them.
I have also told myself that I will not overindulge on holiday to the extreme that I will have a HUGE gain that will take me weeks and weeks to get off.
So after a wobbly day yesterday (It was Fathers Day!) im back on track 100% would love another loss this week!
Todays menu:-
B:- Porriage (2) Skimmed Milk (1)
S:- Alpen bar (1)
L:- Wholemeal pitta (2) Turkey (1) LF mayo (0.5) Salad (0 including my homegrown lettuce!!) Velvet crunch crisps (1)
S:- Cherries (1)
9.5/21 so far.....
Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Fingers & Toes crossed

Im soooo hoping that the WW gods have been good to me this week - my only downfall was the Take That concert so it depends how much damage I could have done? Losing weight has become so hard the last few weeks only 0.5lb a week? Its taking 2 weeks to loose 1lb - what I need is someone to lend me there tracker for a week? It fell off to start with and now my body seems to have grown "used" to WW? I will see this through - I have too but I need to shake things up as what im doing obviously isnt enough.

I have tomorrow and next Saturday - my last 2 WI's before holiday and I really really really wanted to be back in the 12's but I just cannot get the weight off! My worst fear is that im going to come back with a huge gain and be nearly back in the 14's! Any tips for being on holiday?
Dont really need to do much food shopping over the weekend as I need to run things down but there is plenty in anyway -ill just nip to Aldi and stock up on fruit.
Mikes out tomorrow so nice quiet night for me - I think ill cut out the Saturday night takeaway tomorrow and see if that helps?
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back on track

Well yesterday I was back on track 100%, I even managed to save 4.5 points! Im going to stick to 18 points for today and tomorrow to hopefully crawl back what ive spent on Tuesday.

Todays menu:-

B:- 2 Ww toast with marg (3) Skimmed Milk (1)

S:- Alpen bar (1) Apple (0.5)

L:- Pitta (2) LF Humous (2.5) Carrots

S:- 1 P&W (0.5)

T:_ WW chicken tikka (7.5)


Do you find as a fellow dieter that some weeks to make "excuses" as to why we are over weight? ie:- genetic etc...
My sister even has a standing joke with her partner that it is her contraceptive pill that makes her gain weight (she says this while eating a curry &giggling! - shes far from overweight too!)

But I know I do this some weeks.... Truth is "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT", my leader strongly states this everyweek - do not kid yourself -eating things, not pointing and hoping that because no one saw you - you wont gain weight, we all know that we do! The scales dont lie do they?

I have often grabbed something to eat and not pointed and then been disapointed by the scales - TRACKING is the key!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Come on come on come on come on Take That!

And party.... and boy I did! It was one hell of a day/night yesterday! What a AMAZING, FANTASTIC, SUPERB SHOW! If you get the chance then def go and see them!
Food wise well it wasnt good but it could have been worse I consumed in total..
B:- Porriage/skimmed milk/
S;- Truffles????
L:- 2 toast and marg
S:- Cookies (can you see that my sweet tooth sort of took over)
T:- Zizzis - dough sticks/chicken pasta/1 glass of wine soda water/then 2 vodka and diet coke/apple sour and a screaming orgasm - oopss :(
So back on the straight and narrow today!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Boo Hoo

After a week of feeling mighty fabulous, I was feeling soo motivated I couldnt wait to step on the scales and see a nice 2lb loss! Did I heck 0.5lb was all my stupid lumpy body could manage this week - after all that hard work!
Bodies are a funny thing though arent they? I worked my butt off last week yet there have been weeks that have been up and down and easily dropped 2.5lb!

I will stick to the plan again this week as im determined to get out of this rutt and become a WW Gold member!

Well im off to see my boys tomorrow - how excited am I? My boys are Take That am im going to see them at the Millenium Stadium - its going to be great!

Meeting the girlies at Zizzi first for dinner so have looked up my points in the eating out guide as this is a new place for me! (I won my guide in the raffle at class on sat - how great is that!)
Food Wise im eating today:-
B:- Crossant with WW yog (4)
S:- Apple (0.5) Skimmed Milk (1)
L:- Salad/Crackers with phili (2)
S:- P&W (0.5)
T:- Chilli Con Carne (7) Salad (0)
= 15/21
Im going to try and stick with 18 points this week to kick start my weight losses - I have 2 more WI until holiday and loosing weight that I had in mind is so not going to plan!
Ps:- Does anyone know how you add a image in half way through post?
Luv ya xx

Friday, 12 June 2009

Been such a good girl

Well 1 more sleep until WI - yippee! I really hope it pays off this week as I have been such a good girl! HONEST!

I have a few new discoveries for me this week - First time trying the WW wraps and they are lovely and great for work lunches for just 1.5p each! I have been having 2 with Chicken Tikka sandwich filling/salad very YUMMY! Also introduced this week roasted sweet potato on our cooked dinner also very nice. Lastly I have been eating more yogurt than usual as a snack rather than reaching for crisps or WW bar, as I tend not to make such wise choices with my points. My leader advises that we only use 14 points a week (2 a day) on sweet things so I have managed to stick to this all week long!

I will write my menu tonight for this forthcoming week so after WI tomorrow ill go food shopping which has become a ritual for me to be honest - good or bad WI result.

ALDI have some great offers on this month on the fruit and veg specials so ill stock up tomorrow.

I havent really got anything to say today - I just cannot wait to get on the scales in the morning...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thanks so much!

For your lovely comments yesterday!
Feeling really positive this week, sticking to 18 points a day so hopefully a nice loss this Saturday!

Menu today:-
B:- 2 Toast (3.5) marg (0.5) Skimmed milk for coffee (1)
S:- 2 Satsuma (0.5)
l:- Cous cous (3.5) SF Jelly (0)
S:- 1 pink & white (0.5)
T:- Roast Chicken (3) Sweet Pots (2) Carrots, broccoli & cauli (0) Gravy - not sure yet??
= 14.5 leaving 3.5 for a evening "treat"

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Before & After Tinkerbell

The picture on the left is me the week I started WW Oct 07 weighing in at 16st 13.5lbs and the picture on the right was taken on Sunday 7th June 2009 weighing in at 13st 5.5lbs.

Monday, 8 June 2009

0.5lb less of me...

Well this week I lost 0.5lb taking me back to 50lb again...

A loss so im pleased although I was secretly hoping for a real jammy one like 3lb :)
I know where I went wrong though - although I tracked all week my choices werent the best so what do I expect?
I now have 6lb again to drop before holiday in 3 more WI which is a very tough task but im staying optimistic. It can be done but needs dedication as a holiday can easily be a good 3lb gain if im not careful and I dont want that! My BMI is now at 33 which isnt my lowest as I did get to 31 but hey its still not at 41 which is where I was when I started!

Last night I tried on a Tinkerbell outfit that I wore the week I started WW back in Oct 07 for a Halloween Party. I will past the before and after piccies for you....

Hope you are all doing well!

PS:- I have made 0point BNS and red pepper soup for lunch today!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Woop Woop

Its that time of year again when all us Big Brother fans forget the outside world for 3 months! I live and die for Big Bro every year! and 10 yrs on its still going strong well strongish. My first memory of the show was walking into my parents bedroom 10yrs ago, glanced at TV screen and saw the contestants running around naked covered in mud! I thought they were watching a dodgy porno!
Then 3 yrs ago this summer I was pregnant with my daughter Lily-Rose and the hospital gave me my inducment date the day before the final :( This is how much I obcess with the show - I was gutted. Anyway my labour kicked in just as the show started, so I missed Pete win the crown. A few weeks later I was walking through town with baby in the pram and spotted Glyn well my and sis legged it after him to get his autograph! I then met Glyn last summer at Imogens nail bar launch party and apologised for my behaviour :)
Rachel (last years winner) I used to work with a few year back and she is a Gem!
Anyway enough of that (you get the drift how much I LOVE the show) sorry to bore you.

Food wise - stil not bad - Mike bought me a pair of running shoes so they will have their debut tonight. Im planning on walking from my house to my aunts (for the Big Bro party) in them with acording to google maps is 2.6miles.

I secummed to Davina twice this week - 30 mins each time! My body doesnt know it self with this increased movement - ha ha.

Well enough from me -speak soon xx

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Go me - Gone me!

Well dont know how to tell you this but had a almighty gain of 2.5lb last WI taking me back to 13st 6.5lb! :(
Anyway call it what you want - my sis bday - TOTM - Its a gain!
So well focused this week even took Davina out of the DVD case - managed 30 mins of high intensity earning 5 points! Yey go me!
Well my secret Ive been telling you briefly about- Ive started to grow veggies! Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, peppers, jalpenos.... ummm...potato...cant remember any more?
Anyway so far soooooo good - I think? If anyone could offer some tips that would be great! Ill post some piccies soon of their progress!
Well 4 more WI until hols and have 7lb to shift - can I do it.....??? Sure I can!!!!!