Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Danish Devil!

I have had such a good week so far this week, thought a lot about what I want to achieve and where im going with this journey. The one thing I have to work on is my addiction to food, thats what it is "A Addiction". There are 2 types of people that are overweight I think-
1) The people that dont eat a lot but what they eat is bad, resulting in weight gain
2) The other people are generally are addicted to food, think about it day and night and are always planning there next meal!
The latter is clearly ME! This is my personality though I PLAN ALL THE TIME and am an obsessive person. Whereas this can be a postive thing in some people it can generally work against me aswell.
How have I come this far? I have always said from the start "No matter how long this takes I will see it through", and yet I find myself eating things that I shouldnt.

Today we have a open day in work with caterers, pastries for breakfast and a hot buffet lunch.
I estimate that I have eaten approx 12 points in Danish Pastries :(. Anyway tonight I will dust off the Davina Mcall DVD and battle it out! I have to loose weight this week I promised a 2lb loss.

Im off to get some water!

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