Monday, 21 September 2009

Sun is still shining

Hi all, Hope you are all well! We are still having problems with connection at home so yes im still very much hating Virgin Media!
Anyway I managed to skive off WI not that im happy about it as I find it very difficult without weighing at any class. I think this is my first week in near 2 years where I have missed a class (except hols) and not weighed somewhere else? So as you can imagine knowing I wasnt weighing in I wasnt on best behaviour - I wont thank myself for it on Saturday!
So im back to basics today ready for this weeks WI on Saturday and very much hoping for a STS (cheeky I know)!
I'm really hoping that my internet get sorted soon as im missing out on sooo much blogging - reading and writing :(
Hope you are well - any gossip??
Take Care Becky xxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Are men just as weight obsessed as women?

In todays society I do think men are just as body concious as us women. When I look at my husband Mike, he works out regularly, watches his diet and is very aware of his well being. In comparison to my dads era who are much more laid back and traditional. It isnt a suprise to see men at a diet club class such as WW, whereas a few years back men would associate a diet club as a "women thing".

I dont believe that there is a man out there who doesnt want to loose weight - they are always saying about there "beer belly", how they wish to loose it. It is so much more acceptable nowadays for men to diet - look how many mens health magazines there are available?

What do you think?

Friday, 11 September 2009

Ive won a award - Thanks Karon!

Wow am I chuffed! The lovely karon awarded me the "Lovely Blog Award", Im really pleased as I love you guys supporting me! Ill be passing this on soon...

There was a slight discrepancy this week at WI, the scales were free so I hopped and saw that they hit 13st 12lb - the leader started to walk over to me with another so I hopped off and weighed on the scales with the clerk. They read 13st 12.5lb so a 0.5lb difference? we agreed on the 13st 12.5lb with a 2lb loss as I thought that 0.5lb may come in handy this week.
So thankfully the 14's are behind me well and truly for good - no more!
This week in class we went back to basics with the plan... tracking, filling foods and using the tools provided. Debbie asked when was the last time you picked up and actually read the information in our folders? When was the last time I read my folder? about a week ago if im honest as I was looking for a soup recipe. Someone in the class piped up "Well you wouldnt buy a bestseller and not read it would you?" which is so true!! When was the last time you read your folder?
Ive been to the gym tonight and have got serious shaky arms - go bingo wings go!!

Big Butt Becky!

If there was ever a unflattering angle I sure found it! Starbucks ever so kindly put a full length mirror NEXT to the toilet in its coffee shop in Cwmbran. So I sat down for a wee and there I was...all gross and huge sat on teh toilet! I tell you judging on the size of my butt I could have covered 2 toilets!

Why on earth would they put a FULL LENGTH mirror next to the toilet, for you to watch yourself have a wee or a poo??

realising my true size sat on the tilet I had to have a closer look at my bottom half when I stood up. ive always been what you would call "Pear Shape" BUT omg I am like a BELL!!!

Ive noticed since I started to loose weight how it is dropping off from my head downwards. Sometimes i look at myself in photographs and think "If I didnt know me i would guess I was 4 stone overweight"? im saying i look skinny in photos but they can be decieving? I do think by loosing weight it has seriously effected my bottom half even more than when I was bigger as the skin is saggier and looking more unnatural - if that makes sense?

Well at the sight of me that day I thought my body was doomed... then WW graciously put a article in this months WW magazine about excercising for your body shape. I kinda thought that once I would loose weight I would change shape? Hourglass would be nice! If only!

So even though I follow a all round toning programme at the gym I will have a little dabble on these me thinks!

How has your body shape changed since you have lost weight?

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Im feeling great!

I have truly enjoyed eating this week it goes to show - You fuel your body like a machine and it will run like a machine! I have tried 2 new recipes this week, the first was a WW Paella recipe at 5 points a pop and the second was the Chicken Calzone 6.5 points a portion both were great!!

This week I have done a little soul searching about my weight loss, as you know its been getting me down that im not at goal or even close to it. BUT there is a BUT I have lost 40lbs which is a great achievement and that is what I need to keep telling myself.
I am NOT wearing a SIZE 24 I am wearing a SIZe 16
I DO to the gym and follow a program (which I wouldnt have dreamt of before)
I CAN on the sofa with my legs up
I CAN kneel on the floor
I CAN cross my legs
I CAN lay in the bath comfortably
I CAN walk alongside my hubbie without bashing my bum into him with every stride!

So yes Im feeling great this week - hope you are too!!

Sorry for scarse posts the internet is still up and down at home xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Woman with a plan!

Well I weighed.... 4.5lbs on! I said it would be a big un'! Was it worth the upset & frustration? Uh NO! So my new weight is 14st 0.5lb, I hit another stone bracket boo hoo!

Yesterday after WI I went food shopping to pick up this weeks grocery's,(mike couldnt) after planning my menu. I then had a full sort out of my wardrobe of things that fit and dont fit. Everything thats too small has been bagged up ready for when I can fit into it again! It was getting me down each morning rooting through to find something that was comfortable to sit in all day at work! A new tool that I have tried today is tracking on the WW site, its great!

I have been back tracking through Bitchcakes blog- its great! Like reading a book or therapy! Im sure Sheryl wont mind the name drop you can find her fantastic blog here - . Over the last 72 hrs ive been reading through avidly, one thing that is mentioned is "Listening to you body's hunger signals". I know this is talked about in our manuals and mentioned at classes but "Do we really LISTEN to our bodies hunger signals?" I know I dont always. I plan each meal and snack (when im being a good girl!), then I eat them in the correct order Breakfast/Snack/Lunch/Snack/Tea/Snack... Why? ROUTINE! I can run my body like a clock... Even when im eating my evening meal, I can feel myself getting fuller but cannot bring myself to stop - WHY? Because the food tastes so good I begrudge leaving any! I need to control this maybe by reducing my portion size? One other great thing mentioned on Bitchcakes blog is eating for "Nutrition" not for pleasure. This is a very good point as I for one choose food by what I "fancy" not what my body needs... do you do the same?

Im back at the gym this week, I still havent got stuck into my program at the gym that Issac gave me. So another challenge for me this week.... :)

Friday, 4 September 2009

Dont wanna be THIS person....

Thanks so much for the support after yesterday's depressing post I really appreciate the support and its so great that people read my blog. I read a lot of blogs but dont always comment, so its nice to know people are out there when you need support so thanks again. (flowers for you)

I spoke with Mike (hubbie) last night about my feelings towards WW/baby planning etc, he got me thinking to be honest...
He's told me to stop thinking about "when I got to 12st 8lb, I was "this" and now Im 13st 10lb...", he said "Think how FAR you have come, dont look back look forward", "if you quit now think HOW much heavier you will be by Xmas, instead really you could be that much lighter!".

I DO really want to be that much lighter/healthier by Xmas before we try for baby no2 - I DONT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON I am now.... Heavier/un healthy/too big for my clothes/sluggish/bloated.. I could go on. We all know how many more negatives there are to being overweight compared to a person with a healthy weight. Why on earth would anyone want to be overweight hey?

I need a plan - PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLANS DONT FAIL right?
You know when you started WW.. what changes did you make?
1) I changed my milk from semi skimmed to skimmed
2) I didnt make sandwiches out of EVERY meal
3) I bought WW bread
4) I stopped eating/snacking on cheese
5) I drank gallons of water
6) I planned every meal and snack
7) I tracked every morsal
8) I found it easier to refuse food from others
I could go on.... in fact we make a life style change dont we? But slowly over a period of 2 years these have creeped back in slowly, maybe not as bad but they're there....

So I think I have identified of my main issues... I DO THE FOOD SHOPPING therefore you would think that I would be in control of what my household eats?? Well obviously not... Im one of those sad ppl (sorry if this is you) who LOVE food shopping! trauling around for hours looking at everything, honestly it takes me hours unless ive got Lily-Rose with me!
Im going to ask Mike to take care of this from now on to see if this makes a difference as he is very rigid at the supermarket in and out - such a chore to him!
Well WI tomorrow... well see.... 4lb gain?? ill let you know *PLEASE LET WW GODS BE KIND*

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Oh boy am I stumped! I dont want to bore you with the details as it bores me...
Im feeling really down this week about my weight etc having had the bad weekend its rolled on to the week... I tried not too but it did.
So now Im expecting another almighty gain this Saturday (as I dont do things by half) and I know it'll knock me right down again...
So the decision im hit with - we want to try for another baby after Xmas (16WI to go!) so I know I wont get to goal this time round having another 3.5stone to go!
Do I quit now and save myself the WW money (17.95 a month) or continue to go? Is my heart in it?
Am I just feeling like this, this week or will I feel better next week? I really am rambling as Im all over the shop!
Internet is down at home AGAIN!! :( So im rushing this at work?
Opionions or advice please......