Sunday, 30 August 2009

2.5lb down!

Well chuffed to report 2.5lbs down :) really pleased with that, the difficult bit is keeping it up this week! We stayed at a hote last night for our wedding anniversary, lets just say it involved LOTS of food!
- 7 course evening meal
- 3 course breakfast this morning
plus what ive eaten today :( Anyway on the positive side, its behind me not going to dwell - tomorrows a new start! My Tesco order is coming the morning and ive planned my food for the week. Ive posted some random piccies which are the latest ive taken....

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beware of the devils CANDY!

A can of "full fat" cola or lemonade can contain as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar in the form of glucose-frcose syrup. A pot of low-fat fruit-flavoured yoghurt can conceal 10 teaspoons of the fructose-based sweetner.

It makes you wonder on all these "low fat" items what they are putting in the ingrediants to conceal what they are taking out?

Nowadays I dont really pay any attention to whats ACTUALLY in the ingrediants as WW has "brainwashed" me into checking the saturated fat contents. POINT POINT POINT!

You might be surprised to learn all these foods contain glucose-frutose syrup;-
WW vanilla and fruit fromage frais
Petits Filous Frubes
Kelloggs cornflakes, all bran
Ribena blackcurrent drink
Ocean spray cranberry classic juice drink

Anyway enough of the lecture :) I keep forgetting to tell you that on the weekend we went to Longleat as you know and OMG it was great! I cant wait to go back! Its great, as the attractions that we missed out you can go back FOC!

Happy WW guys! x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do overweight parents breed overweight children?

Hope I dont open a can of worms here... This week I read a interesting story in a magazine about a parent who's child is 10yrs old and being offered a Gastric Bypass.

She explains that this wasnt always the case and that a small baby was very overweight so he had to have a high caloried diet in order to gain weight. She went on to say that as he got older he would cry for food and say how hungry he was all the time. By time this child was 8yrs old he weighed more than 9st and suffered with numerous ailments. Worse by the time had reached his 10th birthday he was going to school in a wheelchair, weighing in at 13st 11lbs .

His mother also says "In 4 generations of my family we have 19 people who are clinically obese, Williams vast problems were also genetic".

This is the factor that question - Is obesity a genetic disorder? I didnt think so?

So I googled this mother to see what I could find out about her and as it turns out both this boy's parents have had weight loss surgery.

Children's development comes purely from parents and other surrounding influences - having suffering with a weight problem myself I will do everything in my power to stop my daughter becoming overweight. I didnt have overweight parents, in fact both my mother and sister suffered eating disorders so how do you explain that?

It is purely down to lifestyle choice? You choose what you eat and You choose what you feed you family. Feed your children junk - and this is all they will know.

You can read the full article here - .

Hope I havent offended anyone with this post, I just felt that this mother was making an excuse as to why her 10yr old son resulted in something as severe as a Gastric Bypass.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Recognising the Signals?

Why do we find it so easily recognise the signals when we want to loose weight?
We see the signals clearly when our clothes are too tight, we are uncomfortable, unfit and out of breath, lathergic, our skin is spotty or dull...
Yet why do we with all the above signals continue to eat? Is it a addiction to the taste or texture? What? Why when I want to loose weight do I continue to put things into my mouth for the sake of a few minutes pleasure cos thats all it is? A few minutes of enjoyment but yet weeks of hard strive to get the gained weight back off.

The last few days I have been challenged with lots of random food to pick at (and not point of course), and it has dawned on me that yes they taste amazing and I can turn a blind eye to pointed it but who am I kidding? Yesterday my hubbie and daughter were eating the large scrummy cookies that you buy at the supermarket - I guess 4 points each?? I was offered a bite but for what for?? A wasted point that I could spend on something more substantional? i declined! Go me!! This is my new way of thinking! Unless I can enjoy - I mean truly enjoy it- there is no point!
Which takes us back to the WW way of thinking... Eating for the sake of it?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Funny old week

Well Sunday & Monday were great, Tuesday was iffy and today was Lily-Rose 3rd birthday so lets leave it at that...

Ill lay my cards on the table today I have consumed...
B:- Small bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes with skimmed milk (2.5)
S;- M&S LF sausage sandwich (5.5)
L:- Pub lunch cornbeef pie, chips and beans (???) guess
S;- Slither of birthday cake (??) Yorkie snack bar (??3?)
T:- 2 crumpets with choc spread (4) monster munch (2.5)
= 17.5 plus pub lunch :(
This week im having a early WI too as I cant make Saturdays class so ill be weighing in tomorrow night. So tomorrow's result is anyones I guess..?

Food aside we have had a lovely day she has had such a lovely birthday, and it isnt over yet!

Our internet finally got connected today so im typing this up at home - yey!! Its so exciting for me as we have never had the internet we'll be fighting over it before you know it!

I have got such a busy food week this week - dont you just hate it when it all happens at once? Anyone with a weight problem who is trying to combat it will feel my pain! Obviously today has been a disaster (my own fault), tomorrow and Friday I am out for dinner at friends houses. Then Saturday we are out for a friends birthday - all lovely events but hard going!!
But these events will always be there and we need to just see them as a hurdle that we need to overcome...
PS:- Look at the size of this mother!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Double Whammy!

Well well Saturday came.... hopped on the scales at class hoping, wishing, praying for the WW gods to be good to me (as I always do) and im told 1lb off! Yey! Hopped back off and dashed out as I had my daughters 3rd birthday party!
Yesterday I was having a wander around Tesco and spotted a almighty BARGAIN which I just had to purchase -

I saw this book in W H Smiths a while back and couldnt bear to part with £10 for it, so when I saw it for 3 quid I couldn contain my excitement! I ran to the till to pay (earning activity points along the way!)
I havent had chance to get started on it yet but at a quick flick its def worth £3! They had a whole range of other books too but all at full price.
My excitment doesnt end there- last night I was looking through my WI card and noticed that I had actually lost 2.5lbs!!!! OMG was I chuffed! She hadnt taken in to account my result from last week (I weighed at a diff location)

While looking through my WI card last night I calculated that with a loss of 1lb (hopefully this week) I will have lost 20% of my body weight!!! I will be weighing in Thursday night this week as we are all off to Longleat on Saturday for Lily-Rose birthday so plenty of activity points me thinks!
We went for a nice long walk yesterday at St Fagans which was really enjoyable. Im trying to keep it a ritual that every Sunday morning we go for a family walk - I managed to rack up some points too!

Menu today

B:- Museli with skimmed milk (4)

S:- apple (0.5)

L:- Subway turkey and ham, lots of salad,lf mayo and NO CHEESE (4.5) WW tortilla (1)SF jelly (0)

S:- Satsuma (0.5)

T:- Smoked Haddock (2.5) Roasted veg (0) Sweetcorn (1) Sweet Pot (2)

2 litres of water and 1 hour at the gym


Friday, 14 August 2009

Dont try this at home!

Frozen Muller yogurt? Yuk! I ate my tea which consisted of fish, steamed veggie and roasted sweet potato (which was divine by the way) and needed something sweet... now I read somewhere on the WW site a "great tip" - Freeze your yogurt to make frozen yogurt..
Ok not hard I thought just pop a yogurt in the freezer.. allow to freeze... take out when frozen...

So I eat my tea... grab my yogurt and a spoon sit my big butt down with hubbie to watch 24 and "TRY" to eat my frozen yogurt! It was like hitting a brick wall, no spoon was getting in there!
So I left it to slight defrost for 10 mins and it was like chipping away at ice! Even tasted like ice! So not a good idea.....
Lucky I had WW choc slices at home so polished off one of them! 1.5 points!
Wasnt a good day thinking about it, god damn internet still isnt working at home! Virgin tell me another 5 working days!

On a brighter note its WI tomorrow and Lily-Rose birthday party! woop woop!
Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tough Talking

Someone who tried to lose weigh without sucess may be saying to themselves: "Its no use. Im destined to be overweight forever". These thoughts prevent you from losing weight. We should say "It may not be a walk in the park, but I can do it. I am worth it".
How many times have we nearly thrown in the towel, after a food binge, heavy night out, a STS week? POSITIVE THINKING is the way forward! Most of all be honest with yourself.I only one regret from my weight loss journey so far and that is measuring myself. Ok I know how many dress sizes ive dropped but I dont actually know how many inches ive lost?
So measure before you regret it :)
So last night hubbie made the Roasted Vegetable Canneloni recipe from the WW Italian cook book which was absolutely scrummy! For just 3 points aswell! We added salad and ASDA G4U garlic bread for 2.5 points and we were away! If you want the recipe just let me know...
We had a visitor last night just outside the front door, he was such a cutie!

I want one...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Sorry for my lack of blogging this week..... I kinda had writers block??
Anyway back to business, having a great week so far, ok ok it is only Tuesday after all and we all know that sooo much can change. I really liked this picture as this is me! I read the books, go to class do all the right things yet somehow think it is ok to eat rubbish some weeks and hope for a FREE PASS from the WW gods!

Who else does this?

Not this week though im trying really hard, I went to the gym again yesterday and sweated it out for another hour. Then came home to a lovely tea of fish, salad, coleslaw and homemade wedges all for 6 points!

I feel really heavy this week TOTM and all so pouring water in me like there is no tomorrow! Really hoping for a loss or at least a STS? My belly is sooo huge and heavy!

Here are some piccies of the weekend, we went to Roath Park on the boats. I should have rowed - worked those bingo wings! I also got some lovely piccies of the butterflies in the garden.

Menu today:
B:- Museli with skimmed milk (4)
S:- WW bar (1.5)
L:- Small jacket (2) coleslaw (1) salad (0) Muller (1.5)
S:- Cherries (1.5)
T:- Chicken Bhuna (not pointed yet)

Friday, 7 August 2009

Trouble ahead

Im out with the girlies tonight! We are going a new restaurant in Cardiff Bay Dangerous ground I can tell you! Its not often that we get together so it will be full of fun and laughter. Kate asked me what I was wearing (shes pregnant with twins at the mo!) and my response was simply "something expandable"! Naughty I know!

My sweet tooth is rearing its ugly head today - its all I can think about so god hold the chocolate fountain tonight.

I saw a thread yesterday about inspirational blogs and this was mentioned... please take a look this lady is a legend! I cant wait to get the internet at home so I can read through from scratch!
Have a great weekend everyone out in the sunshine and remember if you cant be good be CAREFUL!
We dont all want to feel regretful on Monday! Lets do it!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Weighed in early as I mentioned yesterday and gave a 1.5lb Gain so NOT what I was expecting! Now I have been told that excercise could assist in this, but this soon????

Or could it be the food? I dont know?? Ill keep on track this week and see what happens at next weeks WI.

I texted my leader Deb to update her and she says just stick with it! I sure will! I vowed NO MORE GAINS!

I found a interesting article online about holiday gains which may apply to some of us this time of year (well especially me and THAT 8lb GAIN that I am still sporting around the middle region). Its called - "Even slight holiday weight gain can set stage for obesity, health risks"
Very useful I thought?

Speak soon peeps x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fruit Kebabs

Hi all,
Thought I would post quickly about another new discovery of mine and my sweet tooth!

I had my cousin over last night for a natter and some supper (spag bol), only I didnt have a dessert at hand so I whipped up some fruit kebabs. They consisted of kiwi, satsuma,pineapple and grapes oh and not forgeting strawberries. I made us up 2 each and drizzled them with chocolate - THEY WERE TO DIE FOR!

Im going to WI in tomorrow morning which is 2 days early for me so im not sure what to expect? Im just going with the moto "No more gains", STS is fine but def NO GAINS!
Our bodies are funny things though as I waiting for the excercise to catch up and stop me loosing and TOTM is due? But hey ho we'll know in the morning.
The reason for this is that im going out with the girlies on Friday night and a meal out the night before WI always shows a gain for me?! Dont know why this happens so im gonna weigh in early!
Tonights evening meal is Smoked cod loin, corn on the cob, baby pots, veg (6)?? Ill calculate it when I get home.

Have a great eve everyone peace out xxx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ive lost the weight of a human brain!

I did! This week I lost 3lb, taking my to 13st 9lb! I was soo chuffed I feel like im in control again and the gym is helping too!

Me and Mike went together yesterday after I manged to finish work at 2.30pm I rushed him grabbed my stuff and off we went. It was great training together as Mike gave me lots of helpful advice and spirred me on. It wont happen regularly though as usually one of us is home with Lily.

My baby is in Butlins this week with my mum, so we are decorating her bedroom and hopefully earning me some activity points! he he! She only went yesterday and im missing her sooo much!

I keep forgeting to mention the new Rich chocolate dessert that WW have recently launched! I have only found them in Tesco so far but at just 1 point a pot they are a delicious! I think they are on offer at the mo?

Todays menu:-

B:- Porriage with skimmed milk (3) 1 toast (2)

S:- 2 satstuma (0.5)

L:- Soup (1.5) Cherries (1.5) Yog (1)

=9.5/21 leaving me lots of points for tonights Spag bol! YUMMY!