Friday, 29 May 2009

What a gorgeous day!

Well what a gorgeous day! I forecast a nice weekend out in the garden working on my new project (which is still under wraps). I will share promise! We're also off the Celtic Manor resort for afternoon tea tomorrow afternoon which should be lovely.

Well on the ole' food front im as bloated as ever! Im due my TOTM any minute, hour or day now! :(
WI tomorrow which way is it gonna go? A least I get to wear a nice light comfy dress which will also limit to damage?

Im going to do a nice weekly menu tonight as I always do - it helps me plan and also saves us money! I need to get into the 12's for holiday and Im determined to do it! It's 4lb which is achieveable if I put my mind to it. We go on the 28th June so including tomorrow 5WI.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Progress? What progress??

Thought I would post my virtual pics of me in my undies!
The picture with the pink backround shows you where I was at 16st 13.5lbs and the right is where I was at last WI 13st 3.5lb.

The picture on the right is me at goal (9 stone 7lb - one day)!

Any goings on...... ummm trying my best with damage limitation but not sure it'll work? We'll see on Saturday there is still hope and 2 more days of light eating!

Did I tell you that I found a new hobbie? More about that tomorrow....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Phew - Thank god thats over!

That BH holiday was a crazy one at that! It was my lickle sister's 21st and by god what a party! We were out Saturday, sunday and a big family BBQ yesterday! I had a STS on saturday in WI which im happy with but it is also fair to say I didnt track all weekend so today back on teh wagon BIG TIME!

I have put a couple of pics of us all :) which were taken over the course of the weekend.
Mainly me boasting about borrowing my sisters size 14 dress! Also my gorgeous Lily-Rose and hubbie Michael.

Friday, 22 May 2009


Isnt is crazy how by eaten appalling foods your body now feels the "damage" it does to you? When I used to follow a poor diet I felt slugish and horrible all the time but now as soon as I have a bad week those old feelings come back.....
Today I feel bloated, grubby and dirty which I wierd describtion I know!
Yet when I have a good week and follow a heathly diet I really feel the benefits of it! Same with water if I go a day without drinking pure water I dont have that cleansed feeling?

Well a action packed weekend ahead - tomorrow is WI day :( Which I really love having as I enjoy my class but its got the stage when I have a bad week i really want to avoid class as I feel ive let my leader Debbie down? Then tomorrow night we are having a girlie night out (in my size 14 - sisters dress!!!) with the pink hummer! Then Sunday night is the couples night and BH monday her actual birthday we are having a big family BBQ.

I really need a good week next week heres to planning.......

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Another Day - Another Disaster!

What am earth am I doing?
From yesterday's "I'm being such a good girl" post, what went wrong yesterday afternoon? I tell you what went wrong "Quality Streets" :( They have been lurking in my drawer for about 3wks, they were a freebie from a company that we use. Ive managed to ignore the torment of them calling me at every opportunity up until yesterday, I looked in the drawer for an afternoon nibble and even went to pick a Alpen light bar but somehow someone somewhere took control of my hand and picked up the Quality Streets. 8 sweets later (6points) I had pretty much blown it for the day, so I decided to go swimming and managed about 16 lengths! ANyway came home ravenous and ate 4 cubes of choc and some brioche :(
Not to worry today I got up with high hopes of today light brekkie, light lunch as we had a chinese booked for this evening for a friends bday but no no no not that simple.
Here we are 15.50pm and 19.5 points gone for the day! :(

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

After my problem

Havent been able to update for the last few days due a tech error on my part :(

Any weekend was great I lost 1lb at Wi making a grand current total of 52lb! Although on the depressing side I managed to hit my 50lb loss on 29th May 2008! One year on and just hitting it again. This fish on the left weighs 50lb! Wowzer!
Its my lickle sis 21st on the weekend and shes lending me a stunning dress in wait for it a size 14!!
So sunday night the cheeese got the better of me.. its one of those foods that ive avoided generally as you get so little for your points. But after a game of MR & MRS up the folks out we all had cheese and crackers yummy!
Yesterday I managed to stay within my points (good girl me) and a I also got around to trying that physlis which was sooo sour I wanted to rip my face off!
Today on the menu:-
B:- Porriage with skim milk (3)
S:- 2 satsumas (0.5)
l:- Salad, potato (2) Tuna (2) LF mayo (0.5)
S:- Apple (0.5)
T:- Chilli (5.5) with salad (0)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Obsession - 24!

Thanks to my dearest brother in law I now have a new obsession - 24!

I am quite literally addicted and have been stuck to my chair all this week watching every episode of series 1. On a good note it has kept me on the straight and narrow and certainly away from the fridge!

Im still being a good girl trying to limit any damage I may have done this week :) I have only 7WI (inc this sat) until our summer holiday! So much for getting a stone off. But ive now set a mini goal to get into the 12's by then.

Last WI I was 13st 4.5lb so technically im asking myself to loose about 5lb to get in? Thats do able right?

Im off to the water cooler....

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Up & Down

Well a great 1lb loss on Saturday - hip hip horray!

Really really chuffed with that!

Sunday I got up and felt a little poorly but took Lily-Rose out for a walk which she loved, and then she went on the bus for the first time! By Sunday afternoon I was feeling sick as a dog :( A major cold had struck! So what happened - I lost all sense of taste and ate bad foods! My own fault I know, this continued until Tuesday afternoon when I realised that I had eaten 9 points of nuts leaving me just 1.5 for tea! So I had salad, omerelette (with 1 egg and 2 egg white) packed out with mushroom/onion and pepper! Good Girl me!

It got me thinking though, how much damage limitation can you ACTUALLY do? Is it still possible for me to still have a loss this week? Or have I ruined it?

Either way I will do my absolute best to try and reduce my gain this week - I am back in work with lots of snot etc and ready to rock!

And on a amazing note....... Ceri gave birth to baby Roxy last night 7lb 3oz! I cant wait to see her!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Half way day!

Its half day today yey! This is usually when it starts to decline for me but no no no im still hyped up and ready to loose some weight!
Im not sure if I mentioned previously but I saw on another blog (which was a fantastic idea) that I should introduce a new fruit and veg each week to encourage variety. So this week I have introduced :- Asparagus/Augbergine/Phylsis I havent used any of them yet! (still too scared) :)
Any ideas for this....

I hope to have a nice loss this week as ive been so good - honest!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Sunset - Friday afternoon

The sun has set on this Friday afternoon - giving me closure on this week. What's done is done - I can only do better.
I have written my menu for next week and completed my shopping list. Just cant wait to get on the scales tomorrow.
So what I have achieved this week.. Well i've felt slightly down this week not sure if this is down to my TOTM? Its made me look at a lot of things and ask myself why I started this in the beginning?
I also have sampled the "Graze" snack box on Thursday which after much excitement it was "ok". Dont get me wrong it was great for a FREEBIE but I def wouldnt pay £2.99 for it!
My life has changed a lot in the last 18mths during my WW journey...
1) My mobility has increased! Unless you have been "big" you wouldnt ness know what I mean. But I can cross my legs now!
2) I now drink a lot more water.
3) I plan my meals and shopping
4) I can shop in "normal shops" rather than be limited to plus size
5) I can kneel on the floor with my daughter and play.
6) I can run around after her
7) I can now cook a lot more things and am slightly more adventourous with food.
8) I have done a spin class! - Never again though! :)
9) My feet are a size smaller (from a 6 to a 5)
10) I had to have my wedding ring made smaller

So I am proud of what I have achieved so far however still only half way there!