Friday, 1 May 2009

Sunset - Friday afternoon

The sun has set on this Friday afternoon - giving me closure on this week. What's done is done - I can only do better.
I have written my menu for next week and completed my shopping list. Just cant wait to get on the scales tomorrow.
So what I have achieved this week.. Well i've felt slightly down this week not sure if this is down to my TOTM? Its made me look at a lot of things and ask myself why I started this in the beginning?
I also have sampled the "Graze" snack box on Thursday which after much excitement it was "ok". Dont get me wrong it was great for a FREEBIE but I def wouldnt pay £2.99 for it!
My life has changed a lot in the last 18mths during my WW journey...
1) My mobility has increased! Unless you have been "big" you wouldnt ness know what I mean. But I can cross my legs now!
2) I now drink a lot more water.
3) I plan my meals and shopping
4) I can shop in "normal shops" rather than be limited to plus size
5) I can kneel on the floor with my daughter and play.
6) I can run around after her
7) I can now cook a lot more things and am slightly more adventourous with food.
8) I have done a spin class! - Never again though! :)
9) My feet are a size smaller (from a 6 to a 5)
10) I had to have my wedding ring made smaller

So I am proud of what I have achieved so far however still only half way there!

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  1. I was sat chatting to my friend this afternoon, and she said "OMG!! Amanda, you've got your legs crossed!!" I did it without realising!!


    You have done fantastically. (Is that even a word??!!) Long may it continue!!
    *raises glass*