Friday, 23 October 2009

Those days are gone :(

Friends & family used to tell me that I looked really well having lost nearly 4.5 stone and how much younger it made me look. Well those days are well and truly over - approx 2 stone heavier the weight is creeping on big time and quickly too. Now my clothes are too small and I can feel myself expanding all over.
Rather than having plenty of NSV daily, I had quite the opposite today -
1) Lily told me I had a big fat belly, which was a big as my friend Katies (Kate has just given birth to TWINS!!!!)
2) Then I was messing around dancing and mike told me my belly was talking! Because the rolls were flapping like a mouth!
So a great day overall and WI tomorrow. The problem I know what I need to do but I cant hold it together very long. Things are still pretty tense at home, and im comfort eating BIG TIME.
I read somewhere this week that "Obese mothers are 10 times more likely to have overweight children" - thats NOT what I want for Lily-Rose (the opposite in fact - she was the reason I joined).
Its so easy to slip back to old ways - I havent been to the gym in weeks, Im not tracking 100%, i havent weighed food in weeks, I havent worn my pedometer, these are all keys facts in loosing weight.
Ill weigh in tomorrow and go from there- im off to write my weekly menu now..
Have a good weekend xxx


  1. sorry to hear things aren't going well :(
    It really is a lifelong struggle.
    I hope you manage to stop the vicious circle, maybe not lose any but at least try to stay stable for a while... it'll be that much less to lose once you're back in a good place to do so.
    I once put on 65 lbs in 6 months, I know how hard it can be to snap out of that frame of mind, but try to stop punishing yourself by inflicting that on your body... you really do deserve better.
    Hope you'll soon be back to the happy-looking person in your pic from the sidebar.
    Lots of strength to get through this difficult time.

  2. Hi Becky,
    Sorry you're struggling. If it is any comfort, I think we ALL have those times...days, weeks, months, when we get out of the game a bit but you WILL get back into it, I'm sure. Put lots of yummy things on your weekly menu. Best of luck!

  3. you can get back on track, because you remember all the reasons you started this journey, and we are right here with you xx