Thursday, 1 October 2009

O' Was Occuring??

Long time no blog eh? Im really really sorry in fact ive been having withdrawal symptoms!
Where shall I start? Well for a while now my emotions having been all over the shop as well as my diet and to be honest ive been buring my head in the sand hoping it will all go away. Anyway last week it all became too much so I have spoken with my HR dept in work to reduce my work hours slightly. I need to be home more, as with the commute to work im out for 11 hrs a day and missing my daughter going to nursery and my husband. Something had to give - so im now in the process of applying for "flexi hours". As well as that as ive been rundown ive had a sore throat, mouth ulcers and now a water infection!! So im now on antibiotics to clear it up.
Ive been really stressed with life in general so after my week of hell last week as well as a all mightly gain AGAIN im "on the wagon". But I really am fed up of falling off so can someone strap me on - please?
Ive been good this week and feeling like I am getting there slowly, although internet is still very itermidant so trying to catch up when I can on your blogs. I miss reading your daily diaries!
I know I still havent passed on the "lovely blog award" I havent forgotton I will get there I promise.
A week or so back my leader gave us all a handout in class for 1 point snacks, now I have seen this before on the site so ill post the link its very helpful -
This is great for when you have had a tough weekend or a meal out and wanting to save points?
After my WI last week I was talking to another WW who told me about the soups she has made that week and it got me thinking... so this week I have whipped up a Leek & Potato and a BNS & red pepper - they were great and filling too!! I will def be trying some more next week especially when the weather turns colder!
For breakfast this week I have had a lot of porridge which is firm fav of mine and again sooo filling! Thats where I have been going wrong - filling foods are the way forward! Having a major sweet tooth I need sugar so have been snacking on grapes - yummy!
So how are you all doing?
Hopefully if the internet is STILL working in the morning then ill read some more of your blogs! :) take care everyone xxx


  1. Well done for getting back on the wagon. I love the cakes in the title bit of your page....yum yum x x x

  2. Sorry you've been having a rough time of it, but it is good to see you back up and running again. I have porridge every morning; keep trying other breakfasts, but nothing fills you up quite like it.
    Tighten those straps so you stay on the wagon!
    P.S. thank you for the lovely blog award!

  3. dust yourself off and move on, it works. xx