Wednesday, 28 October 2009

One thing ive noticed

Is that when im tracking correctly which means im concentrating on EVERYTHING that passes my lips I find it difficult to use all my points allowence. Do you notice this? yet when im having a really bad time (as ive done so recently) I dont give it second thought what I eat it just goes in - I enjoy it for a minute - and just like that the minute passes and the points have tallied up and exceeded.
This week as ive tracked and counted every last morsal, im watching each point wisely and saving points each day. Im not planning to let them go unused though as if you do this for a long while - yes you may loose weight but it will catch up with you when you SHOULD be dropping points.
So how are you doing this week? Any new discoveries? We tried Tuna Pasta bake for the first time this week in our house... very nice! I calculated it at 4.5 points per portion and very yummy too!
I know its only Wednesday but im already looking/planning next weeks evening family meals to plan my weekly shop for the weekend.
Debbies my leader has kindly texted me and sent me a letter this week to keep me on track - its nice to have support from your leader. Im actually looking forward to WI this week - its exciting! I have 9 more until Xmas and would love a drop a stone, even a 1/2 stone would be nice!
What would you like to drop by Xmas?


  1. When you're having a bad day and eating rubbish it's so easy not to count the points you've consumed. That's when you think 'oh, sod it' and the damage can continue. I track, even on a bad day. I can try and rectify some of the damage that's been done that way.

    Well done for tracking everything that's passed your lips. You're sounding like you're in the right frame of mind again.

    I've joined Angela (Aguilleg) in a quest to loose 1 stone by Xmas. I've lost 4.5lbs so far 9.5 lbs to go. Ideally I want to reach a total of 71 lbs off so that I've lost half of the amount I want to loose. I've got 10.5 lbs to loose to reach that target. Fingers crossed for us both and anyone else who's set themselves a Christmas target. xxx

  2. Well done for getting back on track. Sometimes that is the hardest part.
    As for Christmas, I would dearly love to drop into the 11's. Im currently 12st 4lb but have been hovering up and down around this weight now for nearly 2 months....gggggggrrrrrrrr..... Ive really got to do some exercise and concentrate really hard now if Im to make my target for Christmas. Originally I wanted to be 11st 7lb at christmas, but I know thats not going to happen. Good luck with your target x x x

  3. Not using up all my points was an issue at the start, but now with only 18-19 to juggle with I find it more of a struggle to stay within them. I only come in under points if for some reason I've been too busy and forget to have my morning and afternoon snack ~ and I'm not often that busy! LOL
    You can really be proud of yourself for getting back in the game - awesome that you're planning for next week already.
    As for Christmas, well ideally I'd like to lose 7lb by then. Realistically with my birthday, my husband's and my son's graduation, plus moving house all coming up, I'll be grateful for any loss at all.
    Keep up the hard work. You know you're worth it. :o)