Sunday, 11 October 2009

Unlock the Feel Full Formula

A well known mag printed a interesting article this week which I had to pass on...
WW are always pushing the hungar signals arent they and ways to recognise them? Well this magazine are saying you can beat those hungar pangs the scientific way - by controling the commuication between your brain and stomach, as hormones that travel between your brain and stomach are out of balance. Scientific discoveries can help you regain that balance just follow the these feel full secrets.

1) The hungar busting breakfast - When our stomach is almost empty, it realises the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin. Scientists have discovered that overweight people have increased levels of ghrelin, giving them a higher normal appetite. However diets high in slow burning carbohydrates such as oatmeal reduces this hungar hormone. Porridge oats, oat cakes with cottage cheese, oat so simple, swiss style museli, natural yogurt with berries and oats.

2) How to tell your brain your're full - When fat cells are full they release a substance called Leptin, which lets the brain know that there is enough stored fat. The brain responds by curbing appetite and initiating a sense of fullness. Overweight people often suffer from leptin resistance but it was recently discovered that Vitamin D, found in oily fish and sunflower seeds can help awaken the brains response to leptin. Tuna nicoise, sardines o wholemeal toast, steamed salmon, kipper kedgeree, smoked mackerel pate on rye bread with salad.

3) Calming Calcium - The brain uses a tiny hormone-like substance called Agouti-related peptide (AgRP) to stimulate appetite and decrease motabolism. Increasing your calcium levels helps to reverse the weight gaining effect of AgRP activity reducing appetite and improving metabolism, so you'll eat less and burn more. To up your calcium intake eat green vegetables, low fat dairy products, nuts and seeds. Baked potato with lf cottage cheese & salad, Vegetable & cashew nut stir fry with buckwheat noodles, chick pea thai curry with brown rice, roast chicken with steamed cabbage,broccoli,green beans.

Some interesting points there - whats your thoughts?

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  1. What a very interesting article! And that diet would be roughly what I am eating now. Almost always porridge for brekkers, followed by a delicious green salad for lunch, with things like beans or cashews or cheese. Dinner is often veggie, but sometimes I have some oily fish too!

    My appetite is a lot more under control than the mad fiend it used to be, so there could be some truth in this.

    I wish chocolate was a good appetite suppressant though, sigh...