Monday, 21 September 2009

Sun is still shining

Hi all, Hope you are all well! We are still having problems with connection at home so yes im still very much hating Virgin Media!
Anyway I managed to skive off WI not that im happy about it as I find it very difficult without weighing at any class. I think this is my first week in near 2 years where I have missed a class (except hols) and not weighed somewhere else? So as you can imagine knowing I wasnt weighing in I wasnt on best behaviour - I wont thank myself for it on Saturday!
So im back to basics today ready for this weeks WI on Saturday and very much hoping for a STS (cheeky I know)!
I'm really hoping that my internet get sorted soon as im missing out on sooo much blogging - reading and writing :(
Hope you are well - any gossip??
Take Care Becky xxx

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