Tuesday, 19 May 2009

After my problem

Havent been able to update for the last few days due a tech error on my part :(

Any weekend was great I lost 1lb at Wi making a grand current total of 52lb! Although on the depressing side I managed to hit my 50lb loss on 29th May 2008! One year on and just hitting it again. This fish on the left weighs 50lb! Wowzer!
Its my lickle sis 21st on the weekend and shes lending me a stunning dress in wait for it a size 14!!
So sunday night the cheeese got the better of me.. its one of those foods that ive avoided generally as you get so little for your points. But after a game of MR & MRS up the folks out we all had cheese and crackers yummy!
Yesterday I managed to stay within my points (good girl me) and a I also got around to trying that physlis which was sooo sour I wanted to rip my face off!
Today on the menu:-
B:- Porriage with skim milk (3)
S:- 2 satsumas (0.5)
l:- Salad, potato (2) Tuna (2) LF mayo (0.5)
S:- Apple (0.5)
T:- Chilli (5.5) with salad (0)

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