Friday, 22 May 2009


Isnt is crazy how by eaten appalling foods your body now feels the "damage" it does to you? When I used to follow a poor diet I felt slugish and horrible all the time but now as soon as I have a bad week those old feelings come back.....
Today I feel bloated, grubby and dirty which I wierd describtion I know!
Yet when I have a good week and follow a heathly diet I really feel the benefits of it! Same with water if I go a day without drinking pure water I dont have that cleansed feeling?

Well a action packed weekend ahead - tomorrow is WI day :( Which I really love having as I enjoy my class but its got the stage when I have a bad week i really want to avoid class as I feel ive let my leader Debbie down? Then tomorrow night we are having a girlie night out (in my size 14 - sisters dress!!!) with the pink hummer! Then Sunday night is the couples night and BH monday her actual birthday we are having a big family BBQ.

I really need a good week next week heres to planning.......

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