Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Another Day - Another Disaster!

What am earth am I doing?
From yesterday's "I'm being such a good girl" post, what went wrong yesterday afternoon? I tell you what went wrong "Quality Streets" :( They have been lurking in my drawer for about 3wks, they were a freebie from a company that we use. Ive managed to ignore the torment of them calling me at every opportunity up until yesterday, I looked in the drawer for an afternoon nibble and even went to pick a Alpen light bar but somehow someone somewhere took control of my hand and picked up the Quality Streets. 8 sweets later (6points) I had pretty much blown it for the day, so I decided to go swimming and managed about 16 lengths! ANyway came home ravenous and ate 4 cubes of choc and some brioche :(
Not to worry today I got up with high hopes of today light brekkie, light lunch as we had a chinese booked for this evening for a friends bday but no no no not that simple.
Here we are 15.50pm and 19.5 points gone for the day! :(

1 comment:

  1. Your day is only wrecked when you stop pointing.
    YOU are in control.
    Don't stop pointing.

    You are doing great!
    Stay motivated!