Friday, 29 May 2009

What a gorgeous day!

Well what a gorgeous day! I forecast a nice weekend out in the garden working on my new project (which is still under wraps). I will share promise! We're also off the Celtic Manor resort for afternoon tea tomorrow afternoon which should be lovely.

Well on the ole' food front im as bloated as ever! Im due my TOTM any minute, hour or day now! :(
WI tomorrow which way is it gonna go? A least I get to wear a nice light comfy dress which will also limit to damage?

Im going to do a nice weekly menu tonight as I always do - it helps me plan and also saves us money! I need to get into the 12's for holiday and Im determined to do it! It's 4lb which is achieveable if I put my mind to it. We go on the 28th June so including tomorrow 5WI.

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