Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Up & Down

Well a great 1lb loss on Saturday - hip hip horray!

Really really chuffed with that!

Sunday I got up and felt a little poorly but took Lily-Rose out for a walk which she loved, and then she went on the bus for the first time! By Sunday afternoon I was feeling sick as a dog :( A major cold had struck! So what happened - I lost all sense of taste and ate bad foods! My own fault I know, this continued until Tuesday afternoon when I realised that I had eaten 9 points of nuts leaving me just 1.5 for tea! So I had salad, omerelette (with 1 egg and 2 egg white) packed out with mushroom/onion and pepper! Good Girl me!

It got me thinking though, how much damage limitation can you ACTUALLY do? Is it still possible for me to still have a loss this week? Or have I ruined it?

Either way I will do my absolute best to try and reduce my gain this week - I am back in work with lots of snot etc and ready to rock!

And on a amazing note....... Ceri gave birth to baby Roxy last night 7lb 3oz! I cant wait to see her!

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