Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Go me - Gone me!

Well dont know how to tell you this but had a almighty gain of 2.5lb last WI taking me back to 13st 6.5lb! :(
Anyway call it what you want - my sis bday - TOTM - Its a gain!
So well focused this week even took Davina out of the DVD case - managed 30 mins of high intensity earning 5 points! Yey go me!
Well my secret Ive been telling you briefly about- Ive started to grow veggies! Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, peppers, jalpenos.... ummm...potato...cant remember any more?
Anyway so far soooooo good - I think? If anyone could offer some tips that would be great! Ill post some piccies soon of their progress!
Well 4 more WI until hols and have 7lb to shift - can I do it.....??? Sure I can!!!!!

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