Friday, 11 September 2009

Ive won a award - Thanks Karon!

Wow am I chuffed! The lovely karon awarded me the "Lovely Blog Award", Im really pleased as I love you guys supporting me! Ill be passing this on soon...

There was a slight discrepancy this week at WI, the scales were free so I hopped and saw that they hit 13st 12lb - the leader started to walk over to me with another so I hopped off and weighed on the scales with the clerk. They read 13st 12.5lb so a 0.5lb difference? we agreed on the 13st 12.5lb with a 2lb loss as I thought that 0.5lb may come in handy this week.
So thankfully the 14's are behind me well and truly for good - no more!
This week in class we went back to basics with the plan... tracking, filling foods and using the tools provided. Debbie asked when was the last time you picked up and actually read the information in our folders? When was the last time I read my folder? about a week ago if im honest as I was looking for a soup recipe. Someone in the class piped up "Well you wouldnt buy a bestseller and not read it would you?" which is so true!! When was the last time you read your folder?
Ive been to the gym tonight and have got serious shaky arms - go bingo wings go!!

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  1. congrats on being out of the 14's- hurrah!!

    i love that shaky arm/leg feeling though. i need to start doing more arm work, my wings are just getting bigger