Monday, 14 September 2009

Are men just as weight obsessed as women?

In todays society I do think men are just as body concious as us women. When I look at my husband Mike, he works out regularly, watches his diet and is very aware of his well being. In comparison to my dads era who are much more laid back and traditional. It isnt a suprise to see men at a diet club class such as WW, whereas a few years back men would associate a diet club as a "women thing".

I dont believe that there is a man out there who doesnt want to loose weight - they are always saying about there "beer belly", how they wish to loose it. It is so much more acceptable nowadays for men to diet - look how many mens health magazines there are available?

What do you think?


  1. i agree with you, and you know my hubby works for a certain mens fitness and health mag, and he said that they even airbrush before pictures! how pathetic is that??!!

  2. I think that there's definitely an increase in pressure for men to lose weight. It's like the diet industry woke up one day and said to itself, "You know, if we fat shame men too, we will double our profit!"