Friday, 4 September 2009

Dont wanna be THIS person....

Thanks so much for the support after yesterday's depressing post I really appreciate the support and its so great that people read my blog. I read a lot of blogs but dont always comment, so its nice to know people are out there when you need support so thanks again. (flowers for you)

I spoke with Mike (hubbie) last night about my feelings towards WW/baby planning etc, he got me thinking to be honest...
He's told me to stop thinking about "when I got to 12st 8lb, I was "this" and now Im 13st 10lb...", he said "Think how FAR you have come, dont look back look forward", "if you quit now think HOW much heavier you will be by Xmas, instead really you could be that much lighter!".

I DO really want to be that much lighter/healthier by Xmas before we try for baby no2 - I DONT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON I am now.... Heavier/un healthy/too big for my clothes/sluggish/bloated.. I could go on. We all know how many more negatives there are to being overweight compared to a person with a healthy weight. Why on earth would anyone want to be overweight hey?

I need a plan - PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLANS DONT FAIL right?
You know when you started WW.. what changes did you make?
1) I changed my milk from semi skimmed to skimmed
2) I didnt make sandwiches out of EVERY meal
3) I bought WW bread
4) I stopped eating/snacking on cheese
5) I drank gallons of water
6) I planned every meal and snack
7) I tracked every morsal
8) I found it easier to refuse food from others
I could go on.... in fact we make a life style change dont we? But slowly over a period of 2 years these have creeped back in slowly, maybe not as bad but they're there....

So I think I have identified of my main issues... I DO THE FOOD SHOPPING therefore you would think that I would be in control of what my household eats?? Well obviously not... Im one of those sad ppl (sorry if this is you) who LOVE food shopping! trauling around for hours looking at everything, honestly it takes me hours unless ive got Lily-Rose with me!
Im going to ask Mike to take care of this from now on to see if this makes a difference as he is very rigid at the supermarket in and out - such a chore to him!
Well WI tomorrow... well see.... 4lb gain?? ill let you know *PLEASE LET WW GODS BE KIND*

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

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