Sunday, 6 September 2009

Woman with a plan!

Well I weighed.... 4.5lbs on! I said it would be a big un'! Was it worth the upset & frustration? Uh NO! So my new weight is 14st 0.5lb, I hit another stone bracket boo hoo!

Yesterday after WI I went food shopping to pick up this weeks grocery's,(mike couldnt) after planning my menu. I then had a full sort out of my wardrobe of things that fit and dont fit. Everything thats too small has been bagged up ready for when I can fit into it again! It was getting me down each morning rooting through to find something that was comfortable to sit in all day at work! A new tool that I have tried today is tracking on the WW site, its great!

I have been back tracking through Bitchcakes blog- its great! Like reading a book or therapy! Im sure Sheryl wont mind the name drop you can find her fantastic blog here - . Over the last 72 hrs ive been reading through avidly, one thing that is mentioned is "Listening to you body's hunger signals". I know this is talked about in our manuals and mentioned at classes but "Do we really LISTEN to our bodies hunger signals?" I know I dont always. I plan each meal and snack (when im being a good girl!), then I eat them in the correct order Breakfast/Snack/Lunch/Snack/Tea/Snack... Why? ROUTINE! I can run my body like a clock... Even when im eating my evening meal, I can feel myself getting fuller but cannot bring myself to stop - WHY? Because the food tastes so good I begrudge leaving any! I need to control this maybe by reducing my portion size? One other great thing mentioned on Bitchcakes blog is eating for "Nutrition" not for pleasure. This is a very good point as I for one choose food by what I "fancy" not what my body needs... do you do the same?

Im back at the gym this week, I still havent got stuck into my program at the gym that Issac gave me. So another challenge for me this week.... :)

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