Thursday, 3 September 2009


Oh boy am I stumped! I dont want to bore you with the details as it bores me...
Im feeling really down this week about my weight etc having had the bad weekend its rolled on to the week... I tried not too but it did.
So now Im expecting another almighty gain this Saturday (as I dont do things by half) and I know it'll knock me right down again...
So the decision im hit with - we want to try for another baby after Xmas (16WI to go!) so I know I wont get to goal this time round having another 3.5stone to go!
Do I quit now and save myself the WW money (17.95 a month) or continue to go? Is my heart in it?
Am I just feeling like this, this week or will I feel better next week? I really am rambling as Im all over the shop!
Internet is down at home AGAIN!! :( So im rushing this at work?
Opionions or advice please......


  1. I would consider carrying on, if only for the health benefits for the baby of having a healthy mother... But I can understand your demotivation, knowing you're just going to put it all back on during the pregnancy.
    Think positive thoughts :) xxx

  2. I agree with Sara. Try to carry on, and use the baby as your motivation. You want the best for it, and more weight off will be better for you too.
    Good luck.

  3. If you quit now, you'll feel awful by the time christmas comes around where as if you keep loosing you will feel and look fab and you will be proud of yourself and even more excited for a little baby :) - also, if you give up now, you're likely to put on some weight because you don't have the pressure of weigh ins, meaning once you've had your baby you'll have even more to loose! PLUS - if you carry on being healthy and making sensible food choices and exercising now, PLUS through your pregnancy you can work hard and focus on not putting on too much weight whilest your pregnant :) NOW im rambling :) congratulations though honey. have a baby is a wonderful thing, but so is feeling good inside yourself. x x x x