Friday, 11 September 2009

Big Butt Becky!

If there was ever a unflattering angle I sure found it! Starbucks ever so kindly put a full length mirror NEXT to the toilet in its coffee shop in Cwmbran. So I sat down for a wee and there I was...all gross and huge sat on teh toilet! I tell you judging on the size of my butt I could have covered 2 toilets!

Why on earth would they put a FULL LENGTH mirror next to the toilet, for you to watch yourself have a wee or a poo??

realising my true size sat on the tilet I had to have a closer look at my bottom half when I stood up. ive always been what you would call "Pear Shape" BUT omg I am like a BELL!!!

Ive noticed since I started to loose weight how it is dropping off from my head downwards. Sometimes i look at myself in photographs and think "If I didnt know me i would guess I was 4 stone overweight"? im saying i look skinny in photos but they can be decieving? I do think by loosing weight it has seriously effected my bottom half even more than when I was bigger as the skin is saggier and looking more unnatural - if that makes sense?

Well at the sight of me that day I thought my body was doomed... then WW graciously put a article in this months WW magazine about excercising for your body shape. I kinda thought that once I would loose weight I would change shape? Hourglass would be nice! If only!

So even though I follow a all round toning programme at the gym I will have a little dabble on these me thinks!

How has your body shape changed since you have lost weight?


  1. When i started my weight loss, i was pretty much like a barrel, well in fact more like a lumpy log, just thick all over. the weight is coming off my stomach first, then face, then limbs, then ass, then boobs. So basiclly my boobs are still ginormous, as is my bum- sucks. and i certainly wouldnt want to see myself sat on the loo.

    id be interested what the article said for the workout. is it online anywhere?

  2. ughhh at uni there was a full length mirror directly opposite my loo. talk about traumatising....