Thursday, 9 July 2009

8lbs = Weight of a human head

So not only does 8lb feel like ive gained the world in weight but to be precise its approxmatley the weight of a average human head!

I do the above list though as its a great movtivator to see the weight dropping off!

Sorry lads - Yesterday the almighty TOTM month came and OMG after taking that pill to stop it while I was on holiday it has made me feel 100 times worse than I would have normally! So I feel so sluggish and bloated def not a pretty site! Hopefully should help me with WI though on Saturday help to drop a few lbs??

Yesterday I managed to stay within my 18 points (kickstart) and gave myself a pat on the back, my aunt called round for a cuppa and talked all evening so it helped me stay out of the fridge! Yummy tea we had omalette, salad and jacket potato! After she left I prepper tonights tea which I have asked hubbie to make a spag bol and a chilli both will be bulked out with veggies and beans do reduce the amount of meat (points). At least then tea is ready for tonight and again helps with having a plan set in place for when I get home from work.

Didnt managed any excercise :( although ive tried in vain to get in touch with my leader this week to ensure she keeps a pedometer in stock for me!

At class on Monday I bought the Italian cook book which has some great recipes in - cant wait to try them out! Any recommendations?

Generally a quiet week overall with us coming home from hols, hubbie still poorly though!

Anyone been watching Big Bro? Not bowled over as much this year, maybe cos I dont have a clear fav yet??

I heard that Supersize V Superskinny has started back? I love that show!


  1. The warm roasted prawn salad is excellent, and as it's only one point per serving my OH and I split the recipe for 4 between us - very filling and only 2 points. We've also had the chicken calzone - also tasty and a treat to have proper pizza base - I miss my bread with only eating WW stuff. The stuffed courgettes are good too - had thise as a side dish. Going to try the cheese and bacon gnocchi bake tonight, as it sounds yummy too.

    I like your list too - I've lost a wee bit more than an elephant's heart. Next goal a small bale of hay! LOL

  2. Thanks so much! I cant wait to have a bash at those! They all look delicious!