Friday, 31 July 2009

My gym canceled me :(

I called the gym to book my personal session for tonight, put the phone down excited but nervous... then they called me back to cancel as the trainer needs to run a class now instead. Never mind ill have to re-book.... but now im debating whether to go at all tonight? Shall I shan't I???

Food - On and off if im honest? I havent been naughty as such but towards the end of the week my choices have been great? I managed to get through the meal last night at Chiquitos, although we did share Nachos as the other couples ordered starters. I stuck with my paella and had NO dessert! Yeah NO dessert! Go me!

Tonight Mike has made a nice chunky chilli con carne with salad - which is a fav of mine! Ive had 10 points today out of 21 (but ive tried to stick to 18 this week to kick start things. This leaves me with 8 for tea which is plenty! Especially if I do go to the gym ill earn more! The pedometer is great I would truly recommend them again especially if like me you arent keen on excercise and sit at a desk all day long!

Within a week or so we should have internet access at home which will be great as I can join in the boards at night! Yey!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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