Thursday, 23 July 2009

Shaky Shaky

Chocolate binge today - no reason - not emotional - not hungry - maybe just greedy?
So after what I thought was going to be a great week may infact turn out terrible, so what can I do at this point?
Tomorrow is our Pizza @ Work day so we are having 20 YES 20 pizzas delivered for all the staff to enjoy (my stupid idea!) - which will be a disaster (if I eat everything in sight!)
So at this stage here and now I think I will find a class to weigh tonight instead of Thursday? Then I can just start a new week?

Its got the stage where in the morning's im trying to pick something that is comfortable to wear as they are starting to pull. Its strange as when I was a lot bigger I dont remember noticing that they were getting tighter, but now im more aware?

Not a positive post im sorry maybe tomorrow.........

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