Monday, 27 July 2009


The title says it all.... thats how I felt when I hopped on the scales on Saturday. The clerk tells me a 4.5lb GAIN, I get off the scales as I cannot believe my eyes, then get back on hoping for a miracle!

She asks me "Was I expecting this gain?", I am dumbfounded or prehaps in denial? I shake my head holding the tears back, I tell her maybe a slight gain but not 4.5lbs! I take my card and tracker for the week and take my seat among all the happy people who have successfully followed the plan and have been treated with nice weight losses and wait for Deb to start the class.....

Where have things gone wrong.... I know how to do the plan and im confident that I could teach a class with nearly 2 yrs of solid experience behind me but im choosing to ignore my own advice. Its complacancy..... My gains are sooo much bigger these days, I cannot get away with going over points here and there and still have a nice loss on the weekend.

So by knowing my own mistakes why arent I rectifying them? Last week I found myself leafing through my wardrobe and looking for comfortable clothes as my work trousers are pinching on me :(

So I can choose to keep expanding afterall ive kept my size 24 jeans (as a memory) or loose weight - I know what I would rather be!


  1. I could sit here and do all the 'go back to basics' chit chat.....but instead i'll give you a huge great big *hug*.
    Don't beat yourself up over it hunni, get back on track, and use it as the POSITIVE 'kick up the butt' that it is.

    *hugs again*

  2. A hug from me too. After a 4lb gain this week I know exactly where you're at. Keep that positive head on you, and that will get you through.

  3. Thanks so much for your support, its lovely to know people read my blog xxxx