Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Holiday result!

Hi all,

First day back to normallity today :( Eventful thats for sure! A lovely holiday but hubbie picked up a bug towards the end which at this stage we think is food poisoning (still awaiting test results) and Lily came home with a back of a earring wedged in her ear canal so a trip to A&E was in order first thing!
So last night I was feeling the bloat so found a local class (I dont usually weigh until Saturday) and thought lets get this over with......... 8lb! So she says! Im in denial as I know I was a naughty girl but but not 8lbs worth of naughtiness!!! Thats the biggest gain I have EVER had in my life!
So armed with lots of good foods and a kickstart plan Im going to drop that 8lb!

Hope everyone is good! Speak soon x

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