Monday, 20 July 2009

Another 1.5lb OFF!

Another 1.5lb OFF! How great it that?? I am over the moon! WOO HOO!!!

Saturday I went to Oxford on my "roadtrip", how eventful was that? Well long story short (I wont bore you with the details) we nipped in Tesco on the way to get some supplies and the damn woman wouldnt serve us for a bottle of wine even though 2 out of 3 of us produced ID showing we were 27 going on 28! What made it worst is that my friend who didnt have the ID wasnt purchasing alcohol as she is pregnant with twins! They eventually kicked us out of Tesco!

So on our way to ASDA we witnessed a car accident and acted as a witness.

Things settled down then we got the hotel went for a swim etc... on our way to dinner my pregnant friend asked if we could use the lift as she couldnt manage the stairs. We got stuck!
Anyway it was a lovely but naughty weekend food & drink wise so firmly back on the wagon with my NEW pedometer gripped to me! I love my new toy I cant bear to take it off! So menu today:-
B:-Museli with skimmed milk (4)
S:- Apple (0.5)
L:- 0 point soup with 2 bread (3)
S:- Count on us choc mousse (1.5)
T:- Smoked haddock (not weighed this yet) Roast veg (0) corn on cob (1)
= 10/21 allowing cod, pudding...... Trying to claw back points!

Fingers crossed this week for another 1lb and then I will have lost a small bale of hay!

"Hay" here I come!

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