Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gym Bunny

Ive found excercise that I can enjoy! Yey! I braved the gym on Monday with Alison which is a first for me. For those that know me "I HATE EXCERCISE", but I actually really enjoyed it! Its quite unfair of me really to tarr excercise with the same brush as I hadnt found something I enjoyed. I think that one off spinning class was enough for me for a lifetime! But I think because I could go at my own pace and listen to my MP3 while watched Eastenders I didnt even notice I was excercising!
So I will be returning!
Food wise ive been good and trackered every morsal that has passed my lips. Im on a serious mission this week to shift some weight, my only concern is tomorrow night we are out with friends to Chiquitos..... according to the WW boards this place is the devils hideout eek! But ive found a points listing and im going to opt for the Paella which from memory I think is 13. Which "yes" this is high but ill have a low lunch and a light brekkie. At least we'll have a enjoyable evening without thinking that ive blown it for the week.

I made the Chicken Enchiladas recipe from last weeks booklet from class last night for me and Mike and was surprised by how nice it was! Although I made too much filling it was lovely and tasty for just 5.5points! I will make it again especially if im having friends over as you would never guess it was a WW recipe.

Tonight im having chicken breast (left from last night) with jacket potato with roasted veg! Yummy and very quick and low in points. Keeping with the excercise I may try and take on Davina tonight - not that I stand a chance SHE ALWAYS WINS! God damn DAVINA with her hot bod and none sweaty face!

Til later....

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