Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Top of the World

You know some days you feel just damn right positive - well im having one of them today! I managed to stick to my 18 points yesterday so that has contributed vastly. Its because things are under control isnt it? You then relax and go with things rather than panic and great stressed?
Im getting back in to the rountine of after Lily going to bed getting organised for the next day, making lunch, ensuring we have the following nights tea ready, clothes are ironed etc.... but by the time I do this im shattered and its pretty much bed time! But thats being a mother I guess :)
So food food food - Do I think of anything else? No I LOVE the stuff! What do I love about it? The taste, texture, the feeling of being full? What do I dislike? The cals, sat fat, the bloated feeling of eating too much, gaining weight..... Neverending story I guess, thats why it needs controling.
I really hope that Deb has my pedometer in class on Saturday for me? Now ive got her mobile number ill text her tomorrow and she if shes has managed to get me one? If not ill drop by another class to get one I think?
Im off to Oxford on Saturday night with the girls to visit my best mate who runs the Barcelo hotel there which will be great fun! I love seeing my girlies! We've been best mates since primary school to nearly 25 yrs now! WOW! I volunteered to drive so that should stop the snacking while driving! Last time we went I was a passenger and I polished off 2 tubs of Rocky Road pieces!!!
Wont be doing that this weekend thats for sure! We are eating in the hotel on Saturday night so ill be careful but may have a few glasses of wine? Not too many though as im driving back the next morning!
Ill take some pics! You can see ive gained weight in them for sure since my sister's bday in May! :(
Anyway not for much longer I will get in the 12's again and STAY THERE!

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