Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ive lost the weight of a human brain!

I did! This week I lost 3lb, taking my to 13st 9lb! I was soo chuffed I feel like im in control again and the gym is helping too!

Me and Mike went together yesterday after I manged to finish work at 2.30pm I rushed him grabbed my stuff and off we went. It was great training together as Mike gave me lots of helpful advice and spirred me on. It wont happen regularly though as usually one of us is home with Lily.

My baby is in Butlins this week with my mum, so we are decorating her bedroom and hopefully earning me some activity points! he he! She only went yesterday and im missing her sooo much!

I keep forgeting to mention the new Rich chocolate dessert that WW have recently launched! I have only found them in Tesco so far but at just 1 point a pot they are a delicious! I think they are on offer at the mo?

Todays menu:-

B:- Porriage with skimmed milk (3) 1 toast (2)

S:- 2 satstuma (0.5)

L:- Soup (1.5) Cherries (1.5) Yog (1)

=9.5/21 leaving me lots of points for tonights Spag bol! YUMMY!

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