Friday, 19 June 2009

Fingers & Toes crossed

Im soooo hoping that the WW gods have been good to me this week - my only downfall was the Take That concert so it depends how much damage I could have done? Losing weight has become so hard the last few weeks only 0.5lb a week? Its taking 2 weeks to loose 1lb - what I need is someone to lend me there tracker for a week? It fell off to start with and now my body seems to have grown "used" to WW? I will see this through - I have too but I need to shake things up as what im doing obviously isnt enough.

I have tomorrow and next Saturday - my last 2 WI's before holiday and I really really really wanted to be back in the 12's but I just cannot get the weight off! My worst fear is that im going to come back with a huge gain and be nearly back in the 14's! Any tips for being on holiday?
Dont really need to do much food shopping over the weekend as I need to run things down but there is plenty in anyway -ill just nip to Aldi and stock up on fruit.
Mikes out tomorrow so nice quiet night for me - I think ill cut out the Saturday night takeaway tomorrow and see if that helps?
Have a great weekend everyone!

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