Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Come on come on come on come on Take That!

And party.... and boy I did! It was one hell of a day/night yesterday! What a AMAZING, FANTASTIC, SUPERB SHOW! If you get the chance then def go and see them!
Food wise well it wasnt good but it could have been worse I consumed in total..
B:- Porriage/skimmed milk/
S;- Truffles????
L:- 2 toast and marg
S:- Cookies (can you see that my sweet tooth sort of took over)
T:- Zizzis - dough sticks/chicken pasta/1 glass of wine soda water/then 2 vodka and diet coke/apple sour and a screaming orgasm - oopss :(
So back on the straight and narrow today!

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