Monday, 8 June 2009

0.5lb less of me...

Well this week I lost 0.5lb taking me back to 50lb again...

A loss so im pleased although I was secretly hoping for a real jammy one like 3lb :)
I know where I went wrong though - although I tracked all week my choices werent the best so what do I expect?
I now have 6lb again to drop before holiday in 3 more WI which is a very tough task but im staying optimistic. It can be done but needs dedication as a holiday can easily be a good 3lb gain if im not careful and I dont want that! My BMI is now at 33 which isnt my lowest as I did get to 31 but hey its still not at 41 which is where I was when I started!

Last night I tried on a Tinkerbell outfit that I wore the week I started WW back in Oct 07 for a Halloween Party. I will past the before and after piccies for you....

Hope you are all doing well!

PS:- I have made 0point BNS and red pepper soup for lunch today!

1 comment:

  1. Grats on (re-)getting your 50lbs!!!

    The fact you can see how you can improve is a sure-fire way of reaching your iminent gloals.

    GO YOU!!