Monday, 15 June 2009

Boo Hoo

After a week of feeling mighty fabulous, I was feeling soo motivated I couldnt wait to step on the scales and see a nice 2lb loss! Did I heck 0.5lb was all my stupid lumpy body could manage this week - after all that hard work!
Bodies are a funny thing though arent they? I worked my butt off last week yet there have been weeks that have been up and down and easily dropped 2.5lb!

I will stick to the plan again this week as im determined to get out of this rutt and become a WW Gold member!

Well im off to see my boys tomorrow - how excited am I? My boys are Take That am im going to see them at the Millenium Stadium - its going to be great!

Meeting the girlies at Zizzi first for dinner so have looked up my points in the eating out guide as this is a new place for me! (I won my guide in the raffle at class on sat - how great is that!)
Food Wise im eating today:-
B:- Crossant with WW yog (4)
S:- Apple (0.5) Skimmed Milk (1)
L:- Salad/Crackers with phili (2)
S:- P&W (0.5)
T:- Chilli Con Carne (7) Salad (0)
= 15/21
Im going to try and stick with 18 points this week to kick start my weight losses - I have 2 more WI until holiday and loosing weight that I had in mind is so not going to plan!
Ps:- Does anyone know how you add a image in half way through post?
Luv ya xx

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