Monday, 22 June 2009

2lb OFF baby!

OMG how happy am I? On the way to class I was practicing my mantra in the car - "I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK", althought secretly hoping & wishing that I would.
Guess what I lost 2lb! I was soooooo chuffed and still am!
This week in class we talked about easing of the pedal a little bit with regards to trying to loose weight as some weeks we try that little bit too hard and dont get the result we want.
A perfect example - I always keep my tracker for the weeks I looose weight in order to refer back too. One week I had a 90% good week (I say 90% as the one day I ate a Starbucks Rocky Road for 11points! and therefore exceeded my points) and lost 2.5lb that week! Last week I thought I would get on the scales after what I would class a good week and only lost 0.5lb. Then this week I had that naughty day for the Take That concert and lost 2lb!
Our bodies do weird things dont they? I seem to be a week behind all the time?
So I am now 13st 3lb total loss 52.5lb! I would have loved to have gotten into the 12's before holiday (one more WI on Saturday) but hey hey we can only do our best. Mini goals are there to encourage you - not for you to beat yourself up over if you dont manage to achieve them.
I have also told myself that I will not overindulge on holiday to the extreme that I will have a HUGE gain that will take me weeks and weeks to get off.
So after a wobbly day yesterday (It was Fathers Day!) im back on track 100% would love another loss this week!
Todays menu:-
B:- Porriage (2) Skimmed Milk (1)
S:- Alpen bar (1)
L:- Wholemeal pitta (2) Turkey (1) LF mayo (0.5) Salad (0 including my homegrown lettuce!!) Velvet crunch crisps (1)
S:- Cherries (1)
9.5/21 so far.....
Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. GO YOU!!
    "Mini goals are there to encourage you - not for you to beat yourself up over if you dont manage to achieve them."
    So very true!
    I have a few set, but I am reluctant to put specific 'dates' to them just in case I fail.

    You will get your mini-goal as soon as you return from holidays if you don't get it'll be a nice little motivational thing to get you back on the wagon when you get back to normal!! :o)