Friday, 12 June 2009

Been such a good girl

Well 1 more sleep until WI - yippee! I really hope it pays off this week as I have been such a good girl! HONEST!

I have a few new discoveries for me this week - First time trying the WW wraps and they are lovely and great for work lunches for just 1.5p each! I have been having 2 with Chicken Tikka sandwich filling/salad very YUMMY! Also introduced this week roasted sweet potato on our cooked dinner also very nice. Lastly I have been eating more yogurt than usual as a snack rather than reaching for crisps or WW bar, as I tend not to make such wise choices with my points. My leader advises that we only use 14 points a week (2 a day) on sweet things so I have managed to stick to this all week long!

I will write my menu tonight for this forthcoming week so after WI tomorrow ill go food shopping which has become a ritual for me to be honest - good or bad WI result.

ALDI have some great offers on this month on the fruit and veg specials so ill stock up tomorrow.

I havent really got anything to say today - I just cannot wait to get on the scales in the morning...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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