Tuesday, 23 June 2009

ooooh sweetie attack!

Had a sweet attack today in Wilkinsons.... managed to only select about 10 sweets ranging from mini gems to fried eggs - estimated 3.5points?? What do you think?

I really should be doing excercise this week but my TOTM is due and I feel absolutely gross! Although they say excercise is the best medicine - I just dont get it?? As i've lost weight my body shape isnt going down well, Im suffering on the skin front (well I think so) boobs drooping, belly hanging, arms flapping there is NOTHING toned about me!

I know ill get to goal and really wish I had excercised earlier on and by then it will be too late! How can I motivate myself to start toning? It sort of comes in fits and starts and I think Ive worked out how.... if someone instigates the excercise or asks me to join them I cant wait! But I cannot do it alone? Its something I really need to work on!


  1. I am investigating gyms next week.
    The council run one up the road from me does "Gold membership" which includes gym and swimming all in the same price.....so maybe i'll go for that.
    If I am paying for something, I am hoping it'll give me the incentive to use it to the max!!
    Maybe an idea for you?

  2. Thanks hun I need to start something!