Thursday, 4 June 2009

Woop Woop

Its that time of year again when all us Big Brother fans forget the outside world for 3 months! I live and die for Big Bro every year! and 10 yrs on its still going strong well strongish. My first memory of the show was walking into my parents bedroom 10yrs ago, glanced at TV screen and saw the contestants running around naked covered in mud! I thought they were watching a dodgy porno!
Then 3 yrs ago this summer I was pregnant with my daughter Lily-Rose and the hospital gave me my inducment date the day before the final :( This is how much I obcess with the show - I was gutted. Anyway my labour kicked in just as the show started, so I missed Pete win the crown. A few weeks later I was walking through town with baby in the pram and spotted Glyn well my and sis legged it after him to get his autograph! I then met Glyn last summer at Imogens nail bar launch party and apologised for my behaviour :)
Rachel (last years winner) I used to work with a few year back and she is a Gem!
Anyway enough of that (you get the drift how much I LOVE the show) sorry to bore you.

Food wise - stil not bad - Mike bought me a pair of running shoes so they will have their debut tonight. Im planning on walking from my house to my aunts (for the Big Bro party) in them with acording to google maps is 2.6miles.

I secummed to Davina twice this week - 30 mins each time! My body doesnt know it self with this increased movement - ha ha.

Well enough from me -speak soon xx

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