Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back on track

Well yesterday I was back on track 100%, I even managed to save 4.5 points! Im going to stick to 18 points for today and tomorrow to hopefully crawl back what ive spent on Tuesday.

Todays menu:-

B:- 2 Ww toast with marg (3) Skimmed Milk (1)

S:- Alpen bar (1) Apple (0.5)

L:- Pitta (2) LF Humous (2.5) Carrots

S:- 1 P&W (0.5)

T:_ WW chicken tikka (7.5)


Do you find as a fellow dieter that some weeks to make "excuses" as to why we are over weight? ie:- genetic etc...
My sister even has a standing joke with her partner that it is her contraceptive pill that makes her gain weight (she says this while eating a curry &giggling! - shes far from overweight too!)

But I know I do this some weeks.... Truth is "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT", my leader strongly states this everyweek - do not kid yourself -eating things, not pointing and hoping that because no one saw you - you wont gain weight, we all know that we do! The scales dont lie do they?

I have often grabbed something to eat and not pointed and then been disapointed by the scales - TRACKING is the key!

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