Monday, 17 August 2009

Double Whammy!

Well well Saturday came.... hopped on the scales at class hoping, wishing, praying for the WW gods to be good to me (as I always do) and im told 1lb off! Yey! Hopped back off and dashed out as I had my daughters 3rd birthday party!
Yesterday I was having a wander around Tesco and spotted a almighty BARGAIN which I just had to purchase -

I saw this book in W H Smiths a while back and couldnt bear to part with £10 for it, so when I saw it for 3 quid I couldn contain my excitement! I ran to the till to pay (earning activity points along the way!)
I havent had chance to get started on it yet but at a quick flick its def worth £3! They had a whole range of other books too but all at full price.
My excitment doesnt end there- last night I was looking through my WI card and noticed that I had actually lost 2.5lbs!!!! OMG was I chuffed! She hadnt taken in to account my result from last week (I weighed at a diff location)

While looking through my WI card last night I calculated that with a loss of 1lb (hopefully this week) I will have lost 20% of my body weight!!! I will be weighing in Thursday night this week as we are all off to Longleat on Saturday for Lily-Rose birthday so plenty of activity points me thinks!
We went for a nice long walk yesterday at St Fagans which was really enjoyable. Im trying to keep it a ritual that every Sunday morning we go for a family walk - I managed to rack up some points too!

Menu today

B:- Museli with skimmed milk (4)

S:- apple (0.5)

L:- Subway turkey and ham, lots of salad,lf mayo and NO CHEESE (4.5) WW tortilla (1)SF jelly (0)

S:- Satsuma (0.5)

T:- Smoked Haddock (2.5) Roasted veg (0) Sweetcorn (1) Sweet Pot (2)

2 litres of water and 1 hour at the gym


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