Friday, 14 August 2009

Dont try this at home!

Frozen Muller yogurt? Yuk! I ate my tea which consisted of fish, steamed veggie and roasted sweet potato (which was divine by the way) and needed something sweet... now I read somewhere on the WW site a "great tip" - Freeze your yogurt to make frozen yogurt..
Ok not hard I thought just pop a yogurt in the freezer.. allow to freeze... take out when frozen...

So I eat my tea... grab my yogurt and a spoon sit my big butt down with hubbie to watch 24 and "TRY" to eat my frozen yogurt! It was like hitting a brick wall, no spoon was getting in there!
So I left it to slight defrost for 10 mins and it was like chipping away at ice! Even tasted like ice! So not a good idea.....
Lucky I had WW choc slices at home so polished off one of them! 1.5 points!
Wasnt a good day thinking about it, god damn internet still isnt working at home! Virgin tell me another 5 working days!

On a brighter note its WI tomorrow and Lily-Rose birthday party! woop woop!
Have a great weekend everyone xxx


  1. Look for Yeo Valley organic strawberry yogurt ice cream, which works out at 2½ pts per 100g, which is a generous portion. It's very tasty!
    If you do try freezing yogurt again, give it a good stir a couple of times during the freezing process, to break up the ice crystals, just like you would when making ice-cream. That should help with the texture problem if not the flavour!

  2. Thanks so the tip! Ill try that! :)