Monday, 24 August 2009

Recognising the Signals?

Why do we find it so easily recognise the signals when we want to loose weight?
We see the signals clearly when our clothes are too tight, we are uncomfortable, unfit and out of breath, lathergic, our skin is spotty or dull...
Yet why do we with all the above signals continue to eat? Is it a addiction to the taste or texture? What? Why when I want to loose weight do I continue to put things into my mouth for the sake of a few minutes pleasure cos thats all it is? A few minutes of enjoyment but yet weeks of hard strive to get the gained weight back off.

The last few days I have been challenged with lots of random food to pick at (and not point of course), and it has dawned on me that yes they taste amazing and I can turn a blind eye to pointed it but who am I kidding? Yesterday my hubbie and daughter were eating the large scrummy cookies that you buy at the supermarket - I guess 4 points each?? I was offered a bite but for what for?? A wasted point that I could spend on something more substantional? i declined! Go me!! This is my new way of thinking! Unless I can enjoy - I mean truly enjoy it- there is no point!
Which takes us back to the WW way of thinking... Eating for the sake of it?

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