Friday, 7 August 2009

Trouble ahead

Im out with the girlies tonight! We are going a new restaurant in Cardiff Bay Dangerous ground I can tell you! Its not often that we get together so it will be full of fun and laughter. Kate asked me what I was wearing (shes pregnant with twins at the mo!) and my response was simply "something expandable"! Naughty I know!

My sweet tooth is rearing its ugly head today - its all I can think about so god hold the chocolate fountain tonight.

I saw a thread yesterday about inspirational blogs and this was mentioned... please take a look this lady is a legend! I cant wait to get the internet at home so I can read through from scratch!
Have a great weekend everyone out in the sunshine and remember if you cant be good be CAREFUL!
We dont all want to feel regretful on Monday! Lets do it!

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