Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Funny old week

Well Sunday & Monday were great, Tuesday was iffy and today was Lily-Rose 3rd birthday so lets leave it at that...

Ill lay my cards on the table today I have consumed...
B:- Small bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes with skimmed milk (2.5)
S;- M&S LF sausage sandwich (5.5)
L:- Pub lunch cornbeef pie, chips and beans (???) guess
S;- Slither of birthday cake (??) Yorkie snack bar (??3?)
T:- 2 crumpets with choc spread (4) monster munch (2.5)
= 17.5 plus pub lunch :(
This week im having a early WI too as I cant make Saturdays class so ill be weighing in tomorrow night. So tomorrow's result is anyones I guess..?

Food aside we have had a lovely day she has had such a lovely birthday, and it isnt over yet!

Our internet finally got connected today so im typing this up at home - yey!! Its so exciting for me as we have never had the internet we'll be fighting over it before you know it!

I have got such a busy food week this week - dont you just hate it when it all happens at once? Anyone with a weight problem who is trying to combat it will feel my pain! Obviously today has been a disaster (my own fault), tomorrow and Friday I am out for dinner at friends houses. Then Saturday we are out for a friends birthday - all lovely events but hard going!!
But these events will always be there and we need to just see them as a hurdle that we need to overcome...
PS:- Look at the size of this mother!!

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