Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tough Talking

Someone who tried to lose weigh without sucess may be saying to themselves: "Its no use. Im destined to be overweight forever". These thoughts prevent you from losing weight. We should say "It may not be a walk in the park, but I can do it. I am worth it".
How many times have we nearly thrown in the towel, after a food binge, heavy night out, a STS week? POSITIVE THINKING is the way forward! Most of all be honest with yourself.I only one regret from my weight loss journey so far and that is measuring myself. Ok I know how many dress sizes ive dropped but I dont actually know how many inches ive lost?
So measure before you regret it :)
So last night hubbie made the Roasted Vegetable Canneloni recipe from the WW Italian cook book which was absolutely scrummy! For just 3 points aswell! We added salad and ASDA G4U garlic bread for 2.5 points and we were away! If you want the recipe just let me know...
We had a visitor last night just outside the front door, he was such a cutie!

I want one...


  1. aaw, I love hedgehogs :)
    and you're so right about positive thinking! I've been OD-ing on old episodes of The Biggest Loser and it's really motivated me to do this :)

  2. I know what you mean about measuring yourself. I didn't do it at the beginning and the only set of measurements I've taken en route are locked away in the My Fitness Trainer programme - not sure how to access them! It would be a help to know when things stutter weight-wise, that inches are still reducing.